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Through The Lens Thursday #53. Celebration.

Today is the last day of 2015 and the final ‘Through the Lens Thursday’ offering.  The prompt supplied as always by the lovely Greta at Gfunkified blog was ‘Celebration’. My celebration this morning was a coffee with a waffle treat on the top. Celebrating the fact that I managed to eventually fit in a coffee after Barre class, a trip to Target for boring stuff and half price Christmas sweets, REI to refund a present, Michaels for yarn and dye and Whole Foods for New Years Eve dinner ingredients. Now I get to mess about in my art journal and wish you all a very happy, healthy new year. Happy 2016!

Rosemary and orange syrup

I like flavoured syrup for coffee or ice cream, even better home made syrup. That way I can put my own flavour in like rosemary and orange. I have been making rosemary syrup for a while, but for this one I thought orange would be a welcome addition. Recipe 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup water Zest of 2 oranges Rosemary sprigs (I use about 6) 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Heat to melt the sugar and continue to heat gently for 15 minutes, turn off the heat, add the vanilla and leave for a further 15 minutes. Strain into a sterilized jar with a fresh sprig of rosemary or two. Makes about 1 cup. Add to coffee and impress your friends with a fancy frothy coffee!

Sunshine, Peas, Cookies and Coffee!

Yesterday was a tired, get nothing done kind of day. A day where I almost put a dirty glass in the freezer to wash it.  I am sure I will find the butter in the cupboard and the Marmite in the fridge!!  You know the kind of day. A pretty useless one. Today however is a different day altogether. I am feeling good, the sun is shining so I am wearing these I did a great class at the gym where I could hardly drink my water and breathe at the same time.  Lots of running, jumping and breathing. In my book that’s a good one!  The down side is walking to Michael’s and Whole Foods glowing red in the face! I  bought this massive crochet hook which is the size of a baseball bat and the brand ‘Crochet Dude’ cracked me up!!  Now I can embark on my maiden crochet project voyage – a nice chunky cowl scraf thingy.  Don’t worry that summer is hurtling towards us, it will probably take me until November …

R is for Rosemary Syrup

I love this rosemary syrup in my coffee with a spot of frothed up milk. I am sadly missing my Bodum milk frother as I broke the glass part last week. Yes I know, I am a clumsy klutz, but washing up liquid makes stuff slippy and easily dropped…. On a brighter note, here is the Rosemary syrup recipe to share. I have Kaldi’s to thank for the idea! Their rosemary and brown sugar latte is divine! Rosemary Syrup In a pan, add 1 cup water, 1 cup brown sugar, a dash of vanilla extract and about 5 sprigs of fresh rosemary. Simmer to dissolve the sugar and heat gently for about 10 minutes. Leave in the pan for about 15 minutes once the heat is off. Store in a jar you have emptied of jam or something else which leaves a pretty jar to refill. No point in buying jars when we can recycle a few. Hopefully my rosemary plants will soldier through the winter inside, looking out the back window into the garden. …