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Weekly Photos 13/52

                A chilly Spring break was had last week, we had a couple of trips out around St Louis and a nice time was had.  We came across a couple more 250 year Birthday cakes for St Louis, which really is a baby city age!  I do like all the cakes though, good idea.  I wonder how many we will see?  So far we have clocked about 8!  There will be 250 cakes in total by the end of the year all over St Louis and the surrounding area to celebrate 250 years of St Louis. We caught the train into the city and went to the Soldier’s Memorial and visited the City Museum.  The highlight of the trip for me was the hippo atop a neighbouring building and the life-size manatee sculpture also in a neighbouring building.  The manatee is suspended from a ceiling and can be seen through very dirty city windows, which is my excuse for the bad photo.  I had to photo him though, …

Through the Lens Thursday 13. Looking Down.

Saw this fella laying on the floor of the Aquarium in the City Museum today. I cheated and waited until Friday,  thinking I would get a great ‘Looking Down’ photo at the museum. Alas, that backfired as there were no great shots to be had at all, it was very crowded and very dark in there. That will teach me to rebel won’t it! Next week I will be sure to post Through the Lens Thursday on Thursday.  Fancy joining in?  The prompt next week is ‘Self’.