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Cape cod soul photo challenge

The Cape Cod Soul photo challenge.  I found the list on Instagram and decided to play along while I was on holiday in lovely Cape Cod. I started on number 3. 3. Blue 4. Smile 5. Organic 6. Favorite Place. Buddha and Beads 7. Kindness.  Bodhi bought me this lovely cup and saucer at a flea market. 8. Simplicity 9. Light. Gorgeous light on a little fairy castle at The Cape Cod Lavender Farm. 10. Peace 11. Silhouette.  A flock of birds on a foggy morning. 12. Selfie 13. Green 14.Balance 15. Wild Thanks Cape Cod Soul for a fun challenge!

More fabulous finds and Hanger B Eatery

I can’t wait to hang these on a pendant or two when I get home to my jewelry equipment, they even have natural holes. I have also collected some more smooth shell shapes and pebbles which I am hoping to drill and make jewels from. We found these empty oyster shells attached to rocks at the local beach. They are like little ready made display items or little ornaments. Yesterday Bodhi wanted to bring back a big sea star which was a bit whiffy to say the least. After a lot of huffing and puffing he was persuaded to leave it and I said I would find him a more desirable sea star, expecting to make a trip to the gift shop which sells dried out sea critters. Little did I know that today I would find this teeny tiny fella washed up and dried out with some seaweed. We ate at Hanger B Eatery today and they had this fab weather station! My favorite is ‘tornado = no stone’! Hanger B at Chatham airport …

Ten on the 10th June 2013

For this month’s ten on the tenth, I decided to use Hipstamatic and use ‘shake to random’, so I don’t have to spend time agonizing over the best film lens combo. Some seem to have turned out well and some a bit crazy. My Hipstamatic seemed to like the bonkers Salvador film today! I have put the film/lens combo under each picture. Melodie and Ina’s 1982 This casual sign on the beach makes me smile in a nervous manner. The nonchalant mention of seals, jellyfish, sharks, strong currents….. Should it not read seals, jellyfish, SHARKS (aaarrrrrggghhhhh), strong currents? Tinto 1848 and BlacKeys B&W Bodhi trying to catch a shark James M and Rock BW-11 My reading matter even though the beach was bloody freezing! Salvador 84 and Big Up Crazy bonkers photo of the Chatham Light. Salvador 84 and AO BW Very pretty flowers made creepy I think I cheated here and forgot to shake to random. Watts and RTV Ice? GSQUAD and Rock BW-11 Shark! Salvador 84 and Blanko The fish market was open …

A lovely day in Cape Cod

A rainy beach walk and new sea weed. Cape cod soul photo challenge – yes, I have found a daily photo challenge just for Cape Cod! How cool is this! Follow along on my Instagram (@catseatdogsmakes) or wait for the round up at the end of the trip. We joined the Eldredge Library in Chatham and borrowed a pile of books and DVDs to keep us entertained! Roald Dahl, Scooby Doo, some animal books and some pirate books. Today is chock full of glorious sunshine! Braving the cold sea to check out a local Horseshoe crab friend!

Cool things I have found

Seaweed flowers on the beach. There is a ton of seaweed, and I like that some of it looks like flowers. I spot the pretty ones and take a photo. Never arrange what I find, just take a snap and keep looking. Chips. These chips are yum! Spotted in Trader Joes. Buttons in a lovely box. I must confess I love the box that these buttons are in as much as the buttons. The brass hearts are the reason I had to have them. There are some mother of pearl buttons in here too and a pin!