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My Daily Moleskine 2017. August Pages.

Following one of the daily creative prompts over at Creative Bug, I decided to make a blind contour drawing every day of August in my daily Moleskine. A blind contour is a drawing done without looking at the page, only the subject, and without removing the pen or pencil from the page. I don’t think I have made any masterpieces, but I drew quite a lot of self portraits, and about one of them had my facial features inside the outline of my head!!! Abstract, let’s call them abstract! Front Porch – fan and chair. Wineglasses from Goodwill, $1.00 each. Self portrait. Why can’t I connect face and head?! Orange jug of brushes Art Jug and found sticker. Washi tape peeled off mail and a gladioli. Pile of books from the book sale $8.35 total. Ruby asleep on the sofa. Me with sunglasses on my head and my features somewhat inside the outline!! Chair at the hair salon. Dried Honesty and stickers. Self portrait. Polaroid Land Camera. Blind contours are very fun to draw mainly …

Weekly Photos 3/52

Red!  Last week I found lots of red things to take snaps of as I joined Xanthe Berkeley and Hula Seventy in the yearly color/colour lovers challenge. So here are some Target carts all in a line.  My 11 year old may or may not have been standing next to me cringing as his Mum photo’ed shopping trolleys! It snowed mid week and we had a snow day on Wednesday, these sweet gumballs got little snow hats. My gooseberry bush is leaveless, but looking good against the snow and showing off it’s thorns.  I think I need to prune it in the spring and hopefully we will get a nice goosegog crop this year. Over half way through the Creative Bug Draw a Day challenge hosted by Lisa Congdon.  I liked my cactus drawing this week! The fabulous Craftwhack started a ten day sketch along this week and the first day was ‘Blind contour drawing’. No looking, not even a peek.  The top three were all done with no looking, fun but a bit creepy. …

Weekly Photos 1/52.

The creek flooded recently and covered the local park in water.  Once the  water level had gone down, there was a little marble sitting in the silt.  It is pitted and chipped, but the colours are as bright as ever and it is now a part of my ‘creek marble’ collection. Seed pods and moss in the woods.  I love that moss is such a stunningly bright green. I am sketching a specific item each day this month as part of the Creative Bug and Lisa Congdon class ‘January Drawing Challenge’.  Day 8 was ‘Draw a Cat’ day. Just the right time of day to catch some shadows on the wall. Day 10 of the January Drawing Challenge was mushrooms. As you know, I have a thing for photo’ing pretty much any mushroom I see, so those photos came in handy here! Happy Monday, I hope you have a fab week ahead!