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Weekly Photos 13/52

This week saw a fifth grade field trip, new perfumes, cleaning up the local woods and park and a sunny hike on Sunday.  Not bad! 1. I helped out with the fifth grade field trip to ‘Junior Achievement BizTown’ on Monday.  The kids all had jobs and ran a ‘business’ for the day.  My team at Ameren/Peabody were great, they had a good day and worked hard. 2 & 3. I am working on some new scents for solid perfumes which is always super fun.  I really like the orange blossom and basil one. These solid scents are great to chuck in your gym bag for a quick uplift and they are perfect for travel because they are not liquid, and they are home made so I can mix up my own scent combination. 4. It was a lovely sunny morning on Saturday for the REI and Brentwood Parks annual clean up. We all got started with a coffee and a doughnut, grabbed a massive trash bag and off we went.  The woods and creek …

One+Four=Life. Weekly Photos 37/52.

1. I started a new (another one!) crochet project. I figured that if this blanket is an endless granny square, I should be able to manage it. I wonder how big it will get? It is about the size of a large doll blanket now, maybe teddy bear blanket size. 2. I have been at it again, painting garden veggies right after I picked them. 3. While we walked at Castlewood State Park this weekend I found a rock with a hole which is one of my favorite things (don’t judge). This rock has a hole and the hole is heart shaped! 4. There were also lots of fabulous clouds while we walked. Happy new week to you!