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Through the Lens Thursday #8 Twisted

        This week has been freezing cold and snowy, so I ran out to find something twisty in the back garden.  The wintery branches and vines were ideal.  My neighbour’s garage is blue which made a great background. I have a new lens on my Canon Rebel xs 1000D,  (Canon 50mm f/1.4 fixed) which gives a lovely depth of field and I am super happy with it.  It is a whole new learning curve for me as I get used to the different perspective through the lens and I learn to focus in the correct place for the photograph I want. I did learn that I do better with this lens when I am using manual focus instead of auto focus.  Always learning, always photographing. I found this post at A Beautiful Mess very helpful in learning about which lens to choose. Read all about Through The Lens Thursday here. Happy Thursday, I hope it is warm with you!    

Through The Lens Thursday #3. Delicious.

  This week’s Through the Lens Thursday prompt was ‘Delicious’, so I grabbed the packs of crispy M&Ms from my babe’s hands, sprinkled them artfully into a vintage candy bowl and took a snap or two. Delicious.  I am not sure if they really are because once I had photo’ed them, I carefully put them back into the bags and returned them to their hungry owners!  Heck, it’s chocolate, of course they are delicious. Next week – ‘Sign’.

Through The Lens Thursday 2. Colorful/Colourful

 It is not a colorful day today and it has not been a very colorful week!  Lots of cold and grey and a sprinkling of snow. At the same time I am getting super into gorgeous and amazing mandalas – drawing them and learning about them.  I tried drawing one for the first time this week and it is lovely and colorful.  I had a really nice time drawing it and now I can’t stop!  A blog post on mandalas is coming up next week.  Huzzah! In the meantime, here is my first go at a mandala and it is ‘Colorful’. Through the Lens Thursday is a weekly project headed up by Greta of GFunkified and Alison of Writing Wishing.  We are taking and posting a photo a week using our DSLR camera on manual to improve and hopefully take some great photos. For this project I am using my Canon Rebel XS which is now set to manual at all times!