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Snow on a Monday

We have had a snowy day today here in the mid-west as the temperatures plummeted from the sunny sixties yesterday straight down into the frosty twenties by mid morning today. I braved the snow and wind to walk down to the YMCA to pilates class, I arrived looking like a snowman and with a slightly damp mat!  I enjoyed the work out though, so worth the wintery walk, and I got to stomp through the snowy woods and discover that one of my winter boots has a hole in the back heel…..ewwww wet cold sock… Apart from the trip out to pilates I have mainly been drinking tea, eating home made gooey butter cookies and doing a little bit of art journaling.  Oh, and I vacuumed the floor!! Hope you have had a good start to the week. Happy Monday x  

Persimmon predictions

  I learnt two new things this week, that there is a persimmon tree in the woods (I am sure there are many, but I only know of the one) and the seeds from the ripe persimmon fruit can predict the future. Only the immediate winter future, the weather to be specific.  Sorry, it is not a request service, open a persimmon seed and see what you will be having for dinner type thing. I must admit that I thought persimmons were a tropical fruit, so that shows what I know. Ain’t nothing tropical about our local woods! I read about it here and decided to have a go at checking for myself. So I gathered a few persimmon fruits from the woodland floor and brought them home for dissection. The seed are small and slimey little buggers as to be expected I suppose from a plum like fruit which got so ripe it hurled itself from the tree to the ground. I managed to wash some  seeds off and cut them in half and …

Weekly Photos 9/52

Looking at these photos, all of them have library connections!  I have had a library week. 1. A side alley and side building in Clayton, MO.  I took this on the way back from the library where I had just picked up some new books. I liked the ‘windows’ and the sunlight. 2. This book was heading back to the library but I liked the idea of the feather/leaf potato prints, so I took a photo of the page to refer to later. 3. On the way to my local library and I enjoyed this magnificent sunset. 4. This is why I was heading to the library, mug decorating craft night. All supplies were provided and the even was free, how cool is the library! 5. Later in the week I got a tour of the ‘below library’ storage area where there is this rather fab, if precarious spiral staircase. It used to go directly to the fire house which was once housed above the library.  I wouldn’t fancy navigating these stairs in full fire …

Six Word Saturday

This afternoon we went to the local library to make new action heroes (and anti heroes as it turned out!) from old figures. After years of telling my kids not to ruin their toys, here we were ripping heads and arms off to our hearts content. Lots of new creatures were created and a ton of fun was had! If you have a Six Word Saturday, feel free to share in comments or on Instagram, tagging me @girlfifteen, so I can see. Have a fab weekend!

Through The Lens Thursday #4. Sign.

This week’s photo fell into my lap to be honest.  I went out in the early morning to take a photo of a row of trees against a wall which are usually behind a row of cars.  I liked the look of the trees, so I grabbed a snap.  As I was looking at the scene in front of me, I noticed the great shadow first, then the sign on the door.  I like all the blues and the old warehouse in this image. As I was walking home I saw another sign which has been on this building forever and I am fairly sure this is not the profession behind the door!  I though the sky and the colour contrast was lovely, so I have two sign photos this week. And here is the photo of the trees! Through The Lens Thursday is an photography project hosted by Writing Wishing and GFunkified blogs.  We are taking a photo a week to post and share in a bid to improve our photography skills, specifically using …