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Through The Lens Thursday #36. Breakfast.

I am a mite late with this week’s ‘Through the Lens Thursday’, but I made it eventually. Mainly because I don’t really eat breakfast on a regular basis, by the time I want breakfast it is usually mid morning and I figure that I might as well wait for lunch. This morning we had these ‘Queen of Croissant’ treats from Trader Joes, they are a million calories each, but very delicious. Next week I will try and post on time and the prompt is ‘Game’.

Through The Lens Thursday #33. 9 O’Clock.

At 9 o’clock this morning I was just getting breakfast which consisted of toast with homemade marmalade which never really set enough and a cup of tea. Around this time I had just walked my youngest to school and when I got home, the usual activities of a morning – checking e mail which was all trash, putting the washer on, writing my ‘what I need to do today’ list and getting ready to go to pilates and yoga classes all took me up to 9am. I know, I am an over achiever on Thursday mornings at the Y, I take an hour of yoga followed by an hour of pilates. All of this stuff and a whole lot more, is why I am posting my 9 o’clock photo at 2 o’clock! Where do the days go? They whizz by our ears laughing at our lists as we only cross half of the items off. And now it is almost time to go and meet my little fella from school. I wonder how today went? …

We’re all going on a Summer holiday

This week’s list for #52lists is ‘Favourite things for Breakfast’. I thought this would be a hard one as I don’t usually want anything to eat as soon as I get up. Normally I go to the gym after dropping the boys at school, so I wait until after that for brekkie. I do love to make banana, choc chip, cinnamon and peanut butter bread, it is so easy and it uses frozen bananas very well, it keeps well, so it is a great breakfast treat rather than a staple. I have only just found a recipe I like for Granola so I am going to stick to it for now. I made another this weekend, but it wasn’t as good as this one. Granola is more of a regular breakfast food than cake – honest! Favourite things for breakfast list. If you want to check out my other lists and photography craziness on Instagram, check it out here or click the little blue camera over there to the left and have a wander through …