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Updating my blogroll

I have added a few blogs to my blogroll today as I realized that some of the ones I read lots are missing.  I also picked some fab posts I have found today.  Take a look. I want to make one of these felt coffee cup cozies Always wondered what to do with extra confetti?  Lots of good ideas here .  I like 16 and 17 best. Baked donuts have to be good for you don’t they? Let’s try this test to see what magic we can find in colour.  My test score was 29, and nearly sent my eyes squiffy! Who doesn’t need a printable book to record ideas in. Finally this is a heart lifting and encouraging post as I wade into National Blog Post Month (NaBloPoMo). I also picked you a bunch of Autumn colour.  See how nice I am!  Happy Wednesday, I hope your sun is shining bright.

Oh, I say!

Well well well, looks like I got me an award!  Whoop! I have been nominated by the lovely for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award and shock, gasp  The Versatile Blogger Award I must (no really, I must, it is in the rules) nominate others for the same awards and it has been an easy and joyous task picking these blogs out! I have to confess when I saw that I had to find 15 deserving blogs, I thought I might have to start digging about.  Absolutely not, all of the blogs I have listed I have read and I enjoy reading them and the photos,  stories,  photographs,  crafts, recipes and general fabulousness contained within each. Some of these bloggers I have met and started to read through participating in the JustB blog school headed up by Pip Lincolne of Meet Me At Mikes.  Without the blog school I am almost certain that I would be posting once a month at the most and my blog would be a wandering mess.  As it is, I …