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2/52 Weekly photos 2014

Two weeks and no bevvies for me!  Wooohooo.  I just hope that I will be able to announce two months and keep going through the year.  How are your resolutions going?  I can’t really remember the rest of mine to be honest.  That can’t be a good sign. The snow stayed nearly all week and after a nice downpour has nearly all gone now.   Yay.  The sun is out and temps are almost ‘no coat’ this week. I got some pictures of some frost and snow, sweeties and left over Christmas lights.  All of the photos are taken on the iPhone 4. I made some Harissa paste and used all of these chillies!  I am thinking I just made chilli paste to be honest.  It wasn’t as head blowingly hot as I thought it would be.  Pretty good with some salmon though. Digging out the snow cave.  Snowy seeds looking all pretty.Blackberry coffee cake.  Yums. Sweeties galore.