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Updating my blogroll

I have added a few blogs to my blogroll today as I realized that some of the ones I read lots are missing.  I also picked some fab posts I have found today.  Take a look. I want to make one of these felt coffee cup cozies Always wondered what to do with extra confetti?  Lots of good ideas here .  I like 16 and 17 best. Baked donuts have to be good for you don’t they? Let’s try this test to see what magic we can find in colour.  My test score was 29, and nearly sent my eyes squiffy! Who doesn’t need a printable book to record ideas in. Finally this is a heart lifting and encouraging post as I wade into National Blog Post Month (NaBloPoMo). I also picked you a bunch of Autumn colour.  See how nice I am!  Happy Wednesday, I hope your sun is shining bright.

Ten on the tenth October 2013

I have decided to take all of the photos this month using the Hipstamatic Oggl app.  I like that you can add Hipstamatic filters after the photo has been taken.  I have limited lenses and films though as I haven’t handed any cash over to become a member.  It was a warm Autumnal day yesterday, so I got lots of leaf shots! Pablo and I went for a little walk in the sunshine and we got some leafy photos and stopped at the water fountains for drinks. I made a birthday cake which sat in the cupboard hiding!  I used Smitten Kitchen’s chocolate cake recipe which was excellent as are all of her recipes.  In fact I also used a SK recipe for the apple muffins which are also in a photo here.  I just added some caramel pieces to the recipe. I made some lovely chunky rings this week and photoed them with a golden cow! Another 10th passes by and we are almost half way through October.  Halloween is nearly here.  Do you …


Today’s photo theme is ‘Made you smile’.  I soon snapped a bunch of glow in the dark skelly bobs, including a headless one which always makes me smile. I can’t even remember how he lost his head, but I like him without it! Since I took this I saw a lady walking past the Container Store hiding behind a Whole Foods bag. She could have been shielding her face from the sun, but I am going with hiding!  I had a quick look into the car park, but I could see no spies or assasins stalking her.  I suppose because she was hiding so effectively. Then I got to the Y for my yoga class,  and there was a boat on the back of a truck. Possibly waiting to go in the pool or maybe it has set it’s floaty sights on a river trip? Made me smile! Of course I had to spot an irresistible Autumnal tree with glowing yellow leaves. No funny business on this photos, just yellow gloriousness! I do like to …