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Holiday art journal/sketchbook all filled up.

I filled my holiday sketchbook!  I made the sketchbook before I went on holiday at the beginning of June, the post about that is here. I didn’t put a million pages in because I wanted to be able to fill it and I could have done with a few more to be honest! On the inside cover I swatched the paints I took and for the inside ephemera I used books I found in the ‘outside’ section of Parnassus books in Yarmouthport, MA.  This is where the less worthy books reside and prices don’t exceed $3.00. Bargain! I bought a 1938 book called Gloucester and Cape Ann for $2.00 and The American Almanac Year-Book Cyclopedia and Atlas for 1903 for $3.00. Both full of pictures I could use. I also found a tub of vintage photos at the Wellfleet flea market, so I used some of them in my art journal along with stickers and bits and bobs I found along the way.  I even managed to get a print from a crocheted doily I …

Consistency or not consistency? That is the question.

Is it though, I mean of course there is consistency in the regularity with which I am making art but is the art consistent?  Is there a cohesion between the things I make every day? In some there is and in some there isn’t, maybe it doesn’t even look like I made it.  I think this often happens when I am following an instruction from a class or a tutorial.  I am trying to get the technique right so I wonder if I miss my own style for a beat or two while I learn something new? Or do we maintain our style and cohesion even when learning something new? Looking through these pieces, I see a style (I think) in most of them, but I think where it wanders off is in the flowers and I wonder if this is because I am following instructions for this class and I am learning lots of new things which haven’t got my stamp on them yet. These watery ladies are new to me and inspired by …

Daily Moleskine 2018. January pages.

This year I have my trusty Moleskine planner out again and I am creating a little something each day. January is done and we are almost a week into February so here is a selection of pages from January.   In these pages, I sketched with ink, pen and paint, used my typewriter on an old photo, made some patterns and practiced drawing crystals. Are you doing a 365 project? How is it going? Happy Monday x

Daily Moleskine 2017. December pages.

I made it!  A whole year of making some kind of art (I use the term very loosely for some days) in my daily Moleskine planner.  Yes, some days turned out a bit rubbish, but at least I had a go at something. The days I like far outnumber the days which I feel didn’t work, so I would call my 2017 project a success!  My 2018 planner is underway which makes me happy! For these December pages I painted a watercolour cactus, collaged and painted, gelli printed an old doily, practiced my ink painting, made some bauble strings, more collage, printed flowers, doodled, sketched biscuits and sketched a face with my new inks. I wonder what I will be posting at this time next year? Another book full of art I hope! Happy Monday x  

I decided that two 365 projects would be a fun time, and they are!

At the end of 2016 I decided to buy a ‘large’ 8.25″x 5″ Moleskine daily planner with a bright orange cover and every day of 2017 I would art on that day’s page. The first couple of pages were a bit rubbish, but then I relaxed about the whole thing and painted a tea cup on day three. This planner is my playtime, the place I can experiment and slap colour about with abandon.  I don’t worry that the pages are too thin to hold watercolor or that my favorite pen goes through, because it just means that on the next page I will use collage or start with a layer of acrylic to work on top of. So far I have used watercolor, collage, acrylic, sumi ink, pen, neon, gelli plate and words. I am happy to draw or paint or just make some marks or add some colour.  The day is documented sometimes with a little watercolor sketch, whatever comes to mind. February will continue randomly or I will find a theme, who …

Art Journaling. My style

This title might make me sound all sure of my art journaling self and my style within that.  I am not, but I am getting there slowly but hopefully surely.  I see many artists who have such a distinct style that I can tell their work from 50 feet.  It is not always the same medium or colour or subject, not by a long way, they just have a style which makes them, well, them. I want this, and I hope that in time I will achieve the same. The thing is, I am not sure I am much of an art ‘journaler’ and sometimes I feel like a fraud. My pages can end up tortured looking because I have tried to do all the things all at once! Adding all the layers, then the magazine cuttings (I really don’t like to use magazine cuttings, there I said it), then the journaling. What in the world am I to write about?  I am not spilling my inner thoughts all over a journal page, not for …

Get Messy Thursday. Art Journal pages.

Two bright and colorful journal spreads this week! I picked up a pile of old National Geographic magazines free from the library and I used images from the magazines on both spreads. The honey comb in the top spread is from the magazine and the background rice field in the bottom spread. I tried out my new stencil from Stencil Girl in the pink pages, I love how stencils add to a page either as a base layer or on top of everything. I must admit when I added the drippy ink, I wished I hadn’t, but I carried on and I like how it turned out. The green page is mainly acrylic paint and fortune cookie wrappers and fortunes on top of National Geographic pages and a page from an old dictionary.  Lots of layers on this page. I hope you have had a creative week too.  The new Get Messy season starts next month, so if you are interested in joining, pop over and see what it is all about. Happy Thursday.

Weekly Photos 6/52

This week I have been arting all over the place!  I am taking a few classes and learning lots which is always a wonderful thing.  I saw lots of feathers on Instagram through the week and discovered the #IFDrawAWeek and joined in with the ‘feather’ week. 1. I passed this historic house as I walked to the doctors this week, I find it strange that it is just there on the side of the road.  It used to have a sign I think, but that has gone now.  There is sits, being old, but still majestic. I love the blue walls. 2. On the way back from the doctors I walked passed the local ‘lake’ which was looking very pretty in the cold and ice.  Remember folks, don’t feed the ducks. 3. I made some stencils this week and had a lovely time messing about with them in my art journal. 4. Ikea was our destination this weekend, where we bought various useful things for the house like shelves and mugs! I liked these clouds …