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My Daily Moleskine 2017. July Pages.

Half way through the year and half way through my Moleskine Daily Planner as I create something on each day. It continues to serve as a visual diary as much as a creative habit because I will stick down stickers or business cards or things I have found that day. Here are some pages from July. I was making some collage pages and used the left over paint here! Left over collage pieces with some paint and china marker added. My Goodwill haul and some sun prints. We were painting watercolor flowers through July and some strayed into my Moleskine along with a moon. Predictably, another flower! Black gesso and a test of some face stencils I bought. A catalogue card from an old library book and some ephemera from a parcel sent from my friend in Finland. Some flow acrylics on a vintage photo and a copy of an old cigarette card in some colour. Sumi brush and watery ink flowers. I removed the spine from an old book to use the covers to …

Daily Creating March 2017.

I am keeping up with the daily creating challenge I set for myself at the beginning of the year to create something every day in my Moleskine daily planner.  Some pages I like, some not so much, but I carried on anyway and here we are in April. There is no theme to the planner, just anything I want to make art with that day. In my other daily creating sketchbook I have been mainly painting, sometimes with pen work included. I am still enjoying my sumi brush and ink, so lots of the pages are made with these.  A new thing this month for me was painting figures from old photos which I collect and love to look through. Happy Wednesday x

Two 365 Projects for 2017

I may have taken on too much this year in the way of daily challenges (I hope not!), I have started with two projects which are going to be daily for the whole year.  Look how new and skinny these books look now, I can’t wait to show you a picture of them bulging and messy with paint and pen! I am going to be making a daily doodle, pattern, drawing, collage, whatever comes into my head in my daily Moleskine planner/sketchbook.  This is my ‘quick’ daily art.  The pages are quite thin, so I will not be adding too much media but if I decide to go for it, I can just stick some collage onto the following page.  This diary is aiming to be a freeform art project, my playtime if you will. The page may be relevant to the day or not, I may even just write all over some days, let’s see! The second daily 365 challenge is to make a painting or drawing a day.  This book is bigger and …