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A month of A-Z

Last December I used the alphabet as the daily prompts and it was a fun project, so this year I did it again! A is for acorns B is for Boys. C is for Cocoa tin. D is for decoration E is for elf pom pom calendar F is for footprints G is for gold H is for horse I is for icicles J is for jars of mincemeat K is for knot L is for love M is for mince pies N is for nine years old O is for orange P is for paw print Q is for quiet reading time R is for red S is for syrup T is for two plants. U is for underneath V is for vintage W is for Wintery morning X if for xtremely icy Y is for yellow Z is for zodiac


New. These beads are new and I am so happy with the colours. I usually have a pretty good idea of the colours I am ordering so I don’t get a nasty suprise. Sometimes when there is an unusual finish on the glass it can be spectacular or spectacularly awful! I have to say that I was hopping with joy when I saw these gorgeous colours. Love love love them and I can’t wait to use them to make new jewels! More new.  Books, DVDs and a CD from the library, new to me, but borrowed for a couple of weeks.  I have to say I am almost always impressed with a trip to the library, so many resources and bang up to date.  What to do first, make something, bake something, read, listen or watch?

Ten on the 10th. January 2013

I didn’t think I had a snowball’s chance of getting 10 photos today, unless you fancied a wonderland view of rain, damp, then fog and back to rain, then dark. Fear not! I started off with stuff I am reading and stuff I am making, I snapped the melting giant snowball in the back garden and off I went on a photo extravaganza! Here are January’s ten on the 10th. The last of the snow, in a convenient ball. Itsy Bitsy wire hearts all going to grow into earrings. In a vintage Ponds cream jar we found in the woods last year. Check out my Etsy store for the finished product. Bodhi and I are reading ‘Mr Stink’ and I love it as much as he does! I am listening to ‘State of Wonder’ by Ann Pratchett at the minute, ‘The End of your Life Bookclub’ is jostling for next in line with ‘Grace’ by Grace Coddington. I’m reading ‘Mr Penumbra’s 24 hour bookstore’ and enjoying it no end. Good stuff. My Instagram prints stored …

December A-Z

I did my first ‘a month of’ creative prompts supplied by Justb Australia this month. A letter a day, gives us the last week to figure out our own ideas!  Here are mine. Advent calendar/ Birdcage/ Christmas card/ Doll head/ Eccles cakes/ Flying / Gift/ Hat/ Indian food Jewelry/Kisses/L/Making pom poms/Nest/Outdoors/Power ball/Quality Street/Rosemary syrup Sewing a Stocking/Two bears/Underneath the ice/Vintage mystery (still don’t know what this is…)/White bear/ Xciting parcel/Yellow book cover postcards/Zommmmbie!

R is for Rosemary Syrup

I love this rosemary syrup in my coffee with a spot of frothed up milk. I am sadly missing my Bodum milk frother as I broke the glass part last week. Yes I know, I am a clumsy klutz, but washing up liquid makes stuff slippy and easily dropped…. On a brighter note, here is the Rosemary syrup recipe to share. I have Kaldi’s to thank for the idea! Their rosemary and brown sugar latte is divine! Rosemary Syrup In a pan, add 1 cup water, 1 cup brown sugar, a dash of vanilla extract and about 5 sprigs of fresh rosemary. Simmer to dissolve the sugar and heat gently for about 10 minutes. Leave in the pan for about 15 minutes once the heat is off. Store in a jar you have emptied of jam or something else which leaves a pretty jar to refill. No point in buying jars when we can recycle a few. Hopefully my rosemary plants will soldier through the winter inside, looking out the back window into the garden. …

B is for…blog, birdcage, boutique, Bloody Mary

As part of #amonthof, here is B. I have only started the a month of creative challenge in December and we are following the alphabet day by day, so on Dec 2nd, we are at B. B is for birdcage, a vintage model I use for display. Today I have hooked it up with earrings for a holiday shopping Boutique I am selling at. A lovely luncheon shopping event at a local school. It has been a joy to work this one. B is also for Bloody Mary.  Of course $2.00 Bloody Mary’s help! I have only had one, slowly working my way down it. I have to admit that I can never work out if I even like Bloody Mary’s. I love the idea…sometimes I think I should stick to pancakes for brunch!