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‘I like Friday’ some new art books.

I love books and I love books I can learn from and be inspired by!  For this Friday post I thought I would share some of the latest books to my collection.  I always borrow fiction from the library as I know once I have read it, I won’t read it again and I don’t have space to store a load of read books.  However, non fiction/reference/learning/inspiring (yes some novels are inspiring but I am usually after pictures!) books I will often buy.

These three all have valuable information and lessons both practical and mindful.

Find your Artistic Voice by Lisa Congdon

A Field Guide to Color by Lisa Solomon

A Big Important Artist: A Womanual by Danielle Krysa

Happy Friday x

Ways to use Vintage Fabric in my Art Journal.

I found a fabulous length of lacey vintage fabric at an estate sale this weekend which I think must have been used as a tablecloth.  I snatched it up with my mind already planning things to do with it. So here are a few ideas for using vintage fabric in your art journal.

Sketch it in as much detail as you want.

Trace through it, follow all the shapes or just a few.

Print with it, using a gel plate.

Photocopy and add to your journal page.

Spray paint through it and use as a background.

Dip it in some ink and sew it into your journal.

Cut out a section and stitch it in, use matching thread or a contrast colour, hand sewing or using a sewing machine.

Add a piece of fabric as an extra ‘page’ by sewing it down the edge or the middle of an existing page.

I added this section of the fabric by sewing it into the existing page of my journal with the original ribbon which I used to bind the book. Now I have to decide what else to add to these pages?!

Do you use vintage fabrics?  What do you do with them and where do you find them?

Happy Monday x

Artist Trading Cards part two

I should be calling this my ‘opposite project’! I rarely work in layers and I hardly ever use stencils and I almost always add some collage.

For these cards I have used multiple layers, added no collage and I love it!

I took the cards off the cutting mat and mixed them up and stuck them back to make a gelli print using white gesso and a leafy plant. I must confess that this was a stage where I could have hated it once I peeled off the gel plate, but I didn’t.

Once the paint was dry, I grabbed an Inktense pencil and loosely traced the botanical shape then gave it a spray of water.

At last it was time to separate the cards and see them individually to decide what was next.

I grabbed my waterproof black ink and a vintage nib pen and added some simple plant shapes, gave the whole lot a splatter of gold and called them done.

I am pleased I gave layering a try and I am even happier that I like the outcome!

Happy Friday x

Making Artist Trading Cards.

I started this project completely backwards!  I cut out my nine cards and then promptly put them back together into a rectangle in order to paint and play on them all at once.  I really should have done all the painting and stenciling then cut them up, but that is what happens when there is no plan, just the decision to make something.

As it has turned out, putting them all together on a cutting mat, held down with masking tape, is working out and I this way I can take them up and rearrange them to carry on mark making.






Now I have painted, spray painted and stenciled, I am going to mix the cards up and see what marks I can make.

Layering is not usually something I do, but I am enjoying this and I am excited to see where it ends up, I am also slightly nervous that I will add a layer and wish I could remove it!

Let’s see what happens.

Happy Wednesday x



Weekend Finds.

I have been a little remiss in writing for a while and I have no rhyme or reason for this, I seemed to grind to a halt in posting the 100 day project this year.  I finished my 100 day Project – 100 days of Creating with Blue and you can find it here on Instagram if you fancy a peek.

This weekend our local antique shop was open for the first 7 days of the month, so today being the first of the month, we went to see what was there.

I found a few things to use in my art which always makes me happy!


No this awl is not broken or worn down, it is a teeny spike! Perfect for bookbinding.  The nib pen is a Esterbrook No. 7 Drawlet dip pen and works very nicely, it is a thick line to write or draw with but very smooth, so no complaints.



I am always on the lookout for doilies to use with the gelli plate, so I thought these were  a good buy at a couple of dollars for all of them.  I am looking forward to printing with them!



This piano music book caught my eye because of it’s sewn binding and sturdy cover, I thought, ‘I can use that as a sketchbook’.  So I bought it and I did use it as a sketchbook, it turned out to be the perfect amount of pages for what I needed.

I did not buy any of this wool, but the colour selection was second to none!  Just look at that colour palette.

So that was my weekend, how has yours been?

Happy Sunday x



Holiday art journal/sketchbook all filled up.

I filled my holiday sketchbook!  I made the sketchbook before I went on holiday at the beginning of June, the post about that is here.

I didn’t put a million pages in because I wanted to be able to fill it and I could have done with a few more to be honest!

On the inside cover I swatched the paints I took and for the inside ephemera I used books I found in the ‘outside’ section of Parnassus books in Yarmouthport, MA.  This is where the less worthy books reside and prices don’t exceed $3.00. Bargain! I bought a 1938 book called Gloucester and Cape Ann for $2.00 and The American Almanac Year-Book Cyclopedia and Atlas for 1903 for $3.00. Both full of pictures I could use.

I also found a tub of vintage photos at the Wellfleet flea market, so I used some of them in my art journal along with stickers and bits and bobs I found along the way.  I even managed to get a print from a crocheted doily I found at the flea market.

Do you use a sketchbook or art journal on holiday?  I like that I have the record I have made no matter how abstract it ends up!

Happy Wednesday x