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‘I like’ Friday – Books I Read in 2017.

I never go for a record breaker in the amount of books I read in a year.  I have no loyalty to a book just because I have started it, if I don’t like it 50 pages in, it goes back to the library and I start on the next title on my list.  All of the books I have read are from the library unless I am on holiday and I never never take library books on holiday, so those I buy!

This is all the books I finished over the year, I started many which I didn’t finish but these are the ones I made it from beginning to end.

Britt Marie was Here by Fredrik Backman Another great read from the author of ‘A Man Called Ove’.  Britt Marie is an equally good character in my opinion.

We are Unprepared by Meg Little Reilly A fast, dramatic read.

The Girl with the Glass Feet by Ali Shaw Not at all the usual book I would pick up but it is a magical and intriguing book which I would recommend.

The One in a Million Boy by Monica Wood This is a satisfying book but not an amazing read.

The Summer Book by Tove Jansson A delight from beginning to end!

Harmless like you by Rowan Hisayo Buchanan Another ‘good but not amazing’ book.

The Woman next Door by Yewande Omotoso I didn’t love the characters but the twists and turns kept this book interesting.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman Loved this book, very strong characters and twisty enough to be interesting but not overly dramatic.

Tornado Weather  by Deborah Kennedy Great characters and story.

The Book of Polly by Kathy Hepinstall The women in this book along with their co stars are all fabulous!  Well worth a read.

Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng A little predicable but a good read.  Some fabulous ideas alongside some dull characters!

Artemis by Andy Weir I am currently reading this on a deadline as it is due back at the library.  It is a quick read with drama and likable characters so far.

Did you meet your reading goals this year? Did you have any goals?  I don’t set goals to read as I am always reading a book.  I have to read to go to sleep at night so I just hope for a good book!

What were your favorite reads this year?



My ‘Create Daily’ Project (the one that made it through the year) 2017.


I started 2017 with lofty ambitions to do two 365 projects which you can read about here if you like.  This continued until about April when one fell off the wagon and wandered off by itself.  As I went through the year I did many monthly daily challenges which were made more possible once I decided to stick with the one 365 creation.

The project which stayed on the wagon with me and I have nearly finished is creating daily in my Moleskine planner.

This planner is not at all the ideal medium for an art project of any sort, it has terrible paper, lines on each page and is not very big. I am using the ‘large’ planner which is 8.5×5.5 inches.  Having said that I think it is the fact that it is not an ‘arty’ item to start with is one of the reasons I have continued with the daily arting in it.  There can be no pressure to create something amazing just the opportunity to create something, anything.  I have drawn, printed, stuck stuff down, stitched, painted, collaged and just found pictures I liked and stuck them in.

It is a joy to look back on now and it is so fat it is fantastic! It is a diary/journal full of ideas and creations and I am so proud that I carried on with it.

I have purchased another Moleskine daily planner for next year and it is ready to go.  I chose a limited edition Alice in Wonderland 8.5×5.5inch planner as you can see above and below.


How on earth did I manage to create something everyday?  I took the pressure off  enough to do it and keep doing it.  Some days I didn’t create on time and was a day behind, some days I was so prolific I created for a day or two ahead.  I was and am fine with this, as long as I didn’t allow myself to get more than a couple of days ahead or behind, all was well and relevant to the period I was in at the time.

Some days were just a mess and some were a creative triumph, nothing was torn out or thrown away, just turn the page ready for the next day.

Once I was two or three months in, I could really see that the planner was filling nicely and that alone was encouragement to keep going.


Without even thinking about it, the book is now a visual diary of the year, including sketches of stuff I bought, stickers people send on envelopes,  experiments with various media,  often using natural objects which were specific to the season we were in. Unwittingly I created a time capsule of the year and I loved doing it.

Some days were a 20 min sketch and some were a 1 minute stick down.  All were totally worth it.

The monthly round ups can be found here – January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December I will write when we are done with the year!

Are you doing a 365 next year?  Did you complete one this year?  If you are even thinking about it, I would recommend it.  The diary layout is good to keep you going on a day to day basis. Don’t let the paper quality put you off, if you want to make a watercolour masterpiece one day, go for it and stick it in your planner on the day you created it.

Happy creating and happy Thursday x


Get Messy Season of Nature Week 2.









It is the second week of the Season of Nature in the Get Messy community and I have got started in my hand made sketchbook.  I have been gelli plate printing seed pods and leaves and dipping pages in hand made ink from black walnuts and red cabbage.

The page I enjoyed making the most is the sketches of the dried seed pods and I like it next to the printed same seed pods.

So far, a lot of the pages are just started, a print or a colour added.  I like to do this just to be rid of the dreaded blank page, then I can come back and add to the page or spread later.

If you want to see more Season of Nature art, go to #getmessyartjournal on Instagram and if you want to see what I have been making I use #catseatdogsgetmessy.

Happy creating and happy Thursday x

Weekly Photos 2017. 49/52.






1. Walking through the woods, looking at the ground.

2. I found a wasp’s nest, no wasps though.

3. The light in the woods was pretty this week.

4.  Watches for days.

5. Estate sale this weekend, found some treasure but not these chairs!  I like how the seats are all different colours.

Happy Monday x

My Daily Moleskine 2017. November Pages.


Giant bubble wrap is a brilliant tool to use with the Gelli plate!


I am putting far too many leaves into the planner!  The opposite page is a ‘ghost’ signature which is a word or name which is treated like an ink blot to make a shape or creature.


I went on a creative field trip and used the train and museum tickets for this page with a gingko leaf added.


Cut out from the newspaper and some colour added!


Face painting with sumi brush and ink.


Blind contour drawing and some brush script.


Some birthday wrap and labels along with a rose petal.


Gelli plate print of a fern leaf and gingko leaves.


My colleagues at the library bought me a birthday treat!


A ‘mini masterpiece’ inspired by the Fluid Art class along with some doodles.

Can you believe we are almost at the end of the year?  I have loved filling up this planner and it is so satisfying to see it nearly full.

Happy Thursday x

Weekly Photos 2017. 48/52





1. Fabulous texture and colour on a fire hydrant.

2. This guy was lost in the park, sitting on the bridge waiting for his owner to return.

3.  Green tiles on the outside of a building in Dutchtown, St Louis, MO.

4. This used to be the Brentwood Historical Society building, it is certainly history now.

Happy Monday x