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Get Messy Season of Kindness Week 7.

I have been practicing my faces this week guided and encouraged by the talented Katie Smith from Studio Katie and Get Messy Art Journal in the run up to the new class called ‘Sketching Faces’ and hosted by Get Messy.

The top ladies are painted in black ink using a sumi brush and using a template provided by Katie which I put under my paper as a guide.  I like to put my own style on my faces and I am learning so much from this class and getting more confident at faces which are not straight on, like profiles and turned to one side slightly. I used my new favorite paper for these sketches which is ‘Tomoe River’ paper, it is lightweight but still stands up to ink without warping too much.

The middle faces are painted onto vintage ledger paper which has a nice rough texture and absorbs the ink giving an interesting look.

The last girl has painted botanicals in her hair and I used a stencil with ink in a mister to get the red background, finally I went in with my sumi brush to make some marks with blue/black ink.

Happy Thursday x


Old photos and why I think they are fabulous.

I started collecting old photos one at a time, carefully selecting each one.  As I have carried on gathering other people’s family photos, my greatest finds are a box or an envelope full  of photos to explore.  An ancient album from the turn of the century to marvel at the fashions and cars of the time is a happy few minutes of browsing for me.

I just love to look at the characters in the photos and where the photos were taken, some photos I have are from the St Louis area and it is cool to see landmarks then and now.

This group is so full of characters, I wonder who or what they are all looking at. I feel like this picture is a novel waiting to be written.

“Don and me” written in biro on the front of the photo. I want those silver sandals!

I love the photos with the cars of the time and the way people took the photos to highlight the vehicles.

Two meals at the same table look like the staging for a painting! I think it is the same family, different decade.

“The three Dudes” are Uncle Sid, Owen-brother and Lance-cousin.

This cigarillo box contains photos from 1914-1935.  Most are written on the back with names and locations.

I like to use these photos as they are in my art journals, I will staple or stick them in and use them as part of a page.  I always think I want to draw or write on them, but I have not had much success with this.

To be honest I get equal pleasure from just browsing through the photos I have and wondering who these people were and what their lives were like.

Happy Monday and happy collecting whatever it is you gather!

A Year of Colour 2018. February.

I am liking this project a lot, I love how just a blob of colour and a couple of words can convey a full day.

Some I remember exactly and some not at all!

My favorites are ‘Boe the Boa’ because that was the day that the nine foot boa constrictor escaped from the biology lab at school. She was found the same day under the floorboards and the kids got the afternoon off while they searched for her!

‘Favourite’ is a favorite because it is Paynes Grey which is my favourite. Ha.

I also like ‘rain clouds’ which is upside down for no reason and ‘raccoon hanging on’ because I saw a raccoon hanging onto a roof and this was the colour and feeling I saw!

Onwards to March!

Happy Thursday x


Daily Moleskine Pages. February 2018.

February pages went swimmingly!  I like almost all of them (which is frankly more than I can say for the January pages).  The beginning of my Moleskine daily planner is starting to get full and the pages are getting crinkly with arty stuff!

I haven’t improved on creating absolutely every day but I do make sure each page is filled even if I do two days at a time.  I accept this as I go through my 365 daily project and I will continue to not worry about it.

I have enjoyed using my Micron pen to get details in these pages.  There is also collage, old photos, mandalas and bugs!

Are you doing a 365 project of any kind?  How is it going?

Happy Monday x





Get Messy Season of Kindness Week 4.






This season of Get Messy Art Journaling I seem to have hit on a winner as far as my most enjoyable page goes – simple, simple, simple with an extra shake of simple.

I like a white background and I like colour but I am not good at layers or explosions of colour. Some people are amazing at both of these things, but through my journals and over time, I have come to realize that I am a simple art journaling soul!

This two pages were made using collage components cut from gelli prints of vintage doilies along with some humans from old National Geographic magazines.

I don’t often use red but I like it with the black here.

If you are interested in learning more about Get Messy, click here.

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Happy Thursday x

The 100 Day Project 2018.


Are you participating in The 100 day project this year? Have you done it before?  With success or did you find something else to do instead?!

I did my first 100 day project in 2015 when I drew or made a mandala for 100 days , see those here. In 2016 I did 100 days of altered cards using old playing cards as my starting point every day.

Last year I admit that I didn’t love my project choice, of course I thought it was a good one when I chose to do it, but as the days progressed I wasn’t really enjoying the process. So 100 days of creative ideas was a good idea (irony is not lost) which turned out to be not so great! I finished though and I do like the pile of cards and ideas I have.

For this year’s project I thought about 100 days of altered photographs as I have a trillion vintage black and white photos.

How about 100 days of drawing botanicals? Honestly I am not sure I could stick to such a confined box for 100 days.  I love to draw botanicals but I don’t want to end up hating it!!

100 days of collage?  100 days of tiny collage?  Again, I think I need more room to move if I am doing this for 100 days.

The project I have landed on (unless I change my mind of course) is going to be 100 days of freeform mandalas.  Yes, I know I did mandalas three years ago, but I think I can do 100 more which won’t be the same.  I will incorporate botanicals and collage I am certain and maybe I will draw a mandala or two over a vintage photo.

I already have some ideas and mini themes to keep me going and I will keep a list of ideas for when I get stuck.  My list of ideas looks something like this – use only one colour, flowers, collage, watercolour, on a book page, on a scrap of paper, use various media like pens paint stickers or stamps,  botanicals, on an old photo, 3D with sticks or shells.  The possibilities are endless and I hope I can pull out 100!

I am deliberately not designating a sketchbook to this project because I want them to appear when and where I want them.  If I have no paper, I will draw on a receipt (my bag is always full of them!), I may incorporate one into an art journal page or an existing sketchbook I am working in or I may use chalk and draw one on the sidewalk!

My hashtag on Instagram will be #100daysoffreeformmandalas and the start date is April 3rd 2018.

What would you do for 100 days?  Are you doing the 100 day project?

Happy Wednesday x


A mandala colouring sheet for you!


Grab some pens or pencils and maybe some water and paint if that is your jam and print this mandala for your colouring delight!

Print lots and share with friends over lunch, a coffee or just because you are a nice person and what to colour with some pals.

Click here to get the mandala printable.



Happy Monday x