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My Collections. Used postage stamps.

I specify the used part because I am not bothered about brand new sets of stamps (although I did buy the eclipse stamps just to keep!). I like stamps which have traveled a little, seen the world and got some frank marks.

I leave them on the corner of the envelops which I will tear off so I keep some of the frank marks and envelope intact.

Some of my favorites are when more than one of the same stamp had to be used to ensure delivery.

You see stamps less and less so I grab them when they land in the mailbox.













I seem to have picked most of the stamps from the Millennium collection which were issued in 2000 in the UK, I still lived in England and I am pleased I kept them.

One of my favorites is the stamp with the Queen and Prince Philip from 1961 and the set of owls too.

I do have lots of stamps from sales and thrift shops too, but I like these because they were on mail which I received.

Do you collect stamps?  Did you as a child? I had a stamp album when I was a kid, but these are all kept in a zip-loc bag!

Happy Wednesday x


Weekly Photos 2017. 34/52







1. The shadows during the eclipse were amazing!  Lots of little crescents as the sun was taken over by the moon’s shadow.

2. A dry hydrangea head.

3. Mushrooms in the woods.

4. Under a mushroom.

5. Fresh hydrangeas!

6. Lion’s mane mushroom which is edible and apparently tastes like seafood when cooked. Yum.

Happy Monday x

Get Messy Art Journal Season of Fairytales. Week Three.


Week three of the season of fairytales and I am still enjoying filling my little handmade journal.  What I have learnt is that I like to work bigger, this journal was dictated by the size of the book covers I chose, but every time I open it, I wish it was bigger.  We live and lean don’t we?!

I did buy a big fat old book this weekend from the local YMCA book fair, which I want to make into a sketchbook full of watercolor paper, but that is another story which I will share when I make it.

At the same book fair I also bought a couple of fairytale books which I am using for collage material.  I seem to have landed on The Frog Prince as my fairytale of choice so I am keeping all my book pages from that story.

I have been following the daily prompts on Creative Bug this month and today’s was to make a poem from found words. So I pulled a couple of pages from The Frog Prince and chose some words and phrases to cut out.

Then I arranged them into two strange little poems which I incorporated into the above page alongside faces painted onto old library cards.



Another new thing I learnt this week from the Transference class I am taking was how to make image transfers using gel medium.  I had a couple of not amazing practice runs, but I am very happy with the landscape I transferred onto these pages for my journal.

I tore the magazine image in two and transferred half per page with the vellum page in-between on which I stuck a tree cut from a book page (yes, from The Frog Prince).



I don’t have any tale in mind for any of these pages, just the influence and inspiration in my mind as I make them.  This last page used the cut out trees as a mask and a collage over a stenciling of crowns.  All inspired by a Get Messy tutorial at the beginning of the season on making stencils and masks.


I even made a little eclipsed sun at the top of this page to mark the solar eclipse we experienced this week.

Another fun week in the art journaling community of Get Messy, if you want to see more information, click here and see what Get Messy is all about.

Happy Thursday x

Art Marks 30 Day Summer Challenge.

I finished this challenge a week ago and I really liked filling up my little paperback sketchbook which I made from a vintage paper back book cover and added different papers to the inside.


This is the full mini sketchbook I used solely for this project.  The 30 Days of mark making challenge was hosted by Rae Missigman.

Here is the second half of my 30 day journey, find the first half here.

IMG_2862Day 12. Blotted.

IMG_2863I don’t even know what prompt this was for, but I like it!!

IMG_2864Day 13 Stippled.

IMG_2865Day 14 Fluid.

IMG_2866Day 15 Varied.

IMG_2867Day 16 and 17 Mirrored and Dripped.

IMG_2868Day 18 and 19 Many and Scattered.

IMG_2870Day 20-21 Scratched and collaged.

IMG_2871Day 22 Torn.

IMG_2872Day 23 Lettered.

IMG_4996Day 24 Remnants.

IMG_2874Day 25 Found.

IMG_2875Day 26, 27, 28 Tattered, collected and metallic (can you tell the end of the book was near!)

IMG_2882Day 29 and 30 Stitched and closed, I stitched a ribbon around the whole book to close it.

Are you participating in any challenges? Monthly? Yearly? Weekly? Do tell.

Happy Wednesday x

Weekly Photos 2017. 33/52









1. Eclipse Party planning with a vintage library sign!

2. My porch table in the summer is covered in cacti and succulents.

3. The tomatoes in my garden have been no great shakes this year but the ones I have picked have been delicious.

4. I like to see under mushrooms.

5. YMCA book fair, lots of bargains to be had!

6. Cabbages at the international market.

7. My haul from the book fair. Some will stay as they are and some will become sketchbooks.  I like the small but fat language books and flash cards are always a winner for me.

I hope you had a fabulous week.

Happy Tuesday x

Get Messy Art Journal Season of Fairy Tales. Week 2.


I really got stuck into the season of fairy tales this week, and I have made a good start in my hand made journal as well as some off-shoot ideas in my giant Moleskine.

Rather than follow any fairy tale in particular, I am making my pages with the general theme in mind and as a guide rather than a director. I have lots of golden circles reflecting the golden ball from The Frog Prince and this week I have painted castles and trees which I see more of in this journal as they were lovely to paint and sparked many more ideas as I created them.


I made a falling triangle stencil and painted it in a bright opera pink on a vellum page in my journal.  I like this simple but striking page over the watery trees and inky castle.



I may draw in some details to my castle but for now, I like it as it is.



Castles and forests and golden balls. My week in fairy tale art journaling.

Happy Thursday x

Happy New (school) Year!


The beginning of the school year feels to me more like a new year than January 1st.  Without the resolutions and goal setting and navel gazing which is tradition in my January world! My August new year is more about getting on with stuff, more starting, less thinking.

Even though I am now working part time at the library which is new from last year, I still make my plans. So far they have included – read my magazine stack, paint the gladioli I just bought from Trader Joes (especially to paint and draw!), go to the Art Museum to gather inspiration, watch classes at Creative Bug and Skillshare as well as all of the art journaling.

So far I can report that the boys have been back at school for two days and my magazines are still in a stack and the gladioli are beautiful and full of flowers but unpainted, I have been nowhere and watched nothing!

However I have had a very nice couple of days getting back into the routine and wishing the weather would cool down just a little bit.


Do you plan all the things for back to school time?  Or do you prefer the traditional new year goal setting?  Whichever it is, I hope you are getting stuff done!!

Happy Wednesday x