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Weekly Photos 2017.9/52








1. I kept the magnolia branch from last week and the flowers are so pretty.

2. The seeds are starting to grow, most of the tomato plants have started to grow and the cucumbers are peeking through.

3 & 4. I used bubble wrap with the gelli plate and it was super fun and messy!  I loved the results and can’t wait to use them in my art journals.

5. I scored a box of stamps at an estate sale this weekend, now I just need to persuade myself to use them in my journals.

6. These vintage stencils came from the same sale.  I will work into this page some more, I just wanted to use the stencils and see what all the letters looked like!

Happy Monday x

Get Messy Week Four. Season of Art 101


This week I have been playing with background ideas and I painted some ombre backgrounds with a view to working on top of the pages.  I have run into a problem though. I don’t want to cover the backgrounds.


This is one of my major art journaling issues, I can’t/won’t (delete as appropriate) layer pages.  If I like how the page starts, I like to leave it.  Maybe I will paint some more ombre base pages to work over so that I can keep the original pages. Or maybe I could work over half of each page.

One thing I did manage to  do as planned was make up some colours and give them names.  This was a prompt from last week’s Art 101 Season. I came up with an idea to gather colour inspiration as I watched the TV!  As I watched Planet Earth II on BBC America I had my notebook with me and whenever I saw a colour I liked or a colour idea, I noted it down and wrote down the name which came from whatever was on the screen or in the narration.  Thanks David Attenborough!


Now I have done this once, I am very keen to do it more while watching other shows.

As I painted and mixed my colours I used the lettering idea from the gorgeous Jennifer at Stitch and Letter which is a tutorial on Get Messy Art Journal‘s website this week.

I noted which watercolours I used for each palette mix, so that I can reproduce it when I need to.

Happy Thursday x

Daily Creating February 2017.







February flew by and I created some kind of artness in my Moleskine Daily Planner every day. I like the ‘anything goes’ feel that the Moleskine still has.  I stick stuff in and sketch, paint and I even machine stitched a page!






I also painted every day in my Strathmore sketchbook.  I didn’t land on a theme for February but I soon went right back to using my sumi brush with watered down gouache this time.

Onwards and upwards, here comes March!

Happy Wednesday x

Weekly Photos 2017.8/52











1 – 2. Presidents Day was a sunny warm day and we went for a jaunt around Forest Park (along with the rest of St Louis!).

3. Following the strangely warm weather, the apricot tree was in full bloom by mid-week, unfortunately the warm spell was followed by a couple of nights of freezing temperatures, so the flowers are looking a little droopy, but hopefully they will hang on and we will see some fruit.

4 – 5. I met some friends for coffee at Rise coffee and we chatted and drank coffee with a pretty design in the frothy milk!

6 – 8. It was estate sale treasure hunting time on Saturday morning, I didn’t buy the giraffe or the amazing rainbow art (someone had bought that already), but I did get a few bits and bobs.  I usually look for paper I can print or draw on or books I can use as journals, so I found a few books and some old typing paper with a lovely texture.

9. These are some of the books I got at the sale, the small/normal sized books I will most likely use as sketchbooks. The autograph book was a memory book from someone’s school days, so the pages which are written on, I leave be and I will art journal in the empty pages.

10. Check out the size of this dictionary – 2059 pages!  I will be using the pages for printing as they are nice and big and that lovely dictionary texture, super thin but strong paper. The man at the check out joked that there is the internet now as I staggered under the weight of the giant dictionary, I replied that I can’t print on the internet!!  #smartass

Happy Monday x

Vintage negatives




We were out and about this weekend and went to an Estate sale to see if there were any treasures to find!

I got a few old books to use for art journaling and a couple of book making tools.  My prize find was this old drawer full to the brim of old negatives.  I saw it and passed it by thinking ‘what am I going to do with them?  I can’t print them, what else can I do with them?’.

Then I stopped at them again and began looking through them, some of the negatives are quite large, about postcard size, some are about two inches square and there are lots of 35mm negatives which I assume are the most recent ones.

Some of the envelopes are marked 1956 and they seem to go to about the nineteen seventies.

I found out that I can scan them and  then use photoshop to make them printable.  So I decided that yes, they would be worth buying so that I can scan and print onto paper or card and use them in journals.

I like to use old photos, but I usually photocopy the originals, so this is perfect, a whole box of images I can print and use!




These are a few I have scanned and messed with.  I haven’t printed any yet, but I will see how these turn out.

I just love the joy in all of these photos, the lady on the swing was the first one I scanned and when I inverted the negative to positive, she just came alive and I smiled the biggest smile!

How about the middle image of the boy at the library, he makes you  want to sit outside and read a book!

The boy and his cow is a great one too,  he looks like the cow is trying to squash the laughter out of him and it is working!!!

I am looking forward to exploring my box of negatives and seeing what other gems are within.

Happy Sunday x

Sowing all the Seeds.

One good thing about the summer in the MidWest – it is growing time in the garden! To begin the growing process I start plants like tomatoes and chili peppers around now.

I like to browse the seed aisle and pick out some new varieties.  Last year I was not mad about the beefsteak tomatoes I grew, so I went for a smaller size this year along with the always popular mini tomatoes.  I honed my chili needs down and chose just one variety.  Eggplant/aubergines were a surprise success a couple of years ago, so I grabbed some seeds this year and last but not least I picked some cucumber seeds.

Fresh cucumber, tomatoes and some feta cheese is one of my favorite summer dishes, especially when the cukes and toms are off the plant and still warm from the sun.


How could I resist ‘Brad’s Atomic Grape’ tomatoes or ‘Sunrise Bumblebee’ or even ‘Pink Love Apple’?  All of the seeds I chose are from Missouri businesses, so I am hoping that will make them a good choice for my summer garden.

I received a paper pot maker for Christmas and it is the most fabulous thing, little tiny plant pots made from strips of newspaper, perfect for starting seedlings.  Then of course they can be put into the ground or a pot and the pot will bio-degrade into the soil.




Now my little collection of seeds in soil are sitting on my kitchen windowsill soaking in the sunlight.  If you want to check out where I got my seeds, they are from Baker Creek and SeedGeeks.

Grow seeds grow!

Happy Wednesday x

Weekly Photos 2017. 7/52







1. Dormant bush spotted on the way to the shops!

2. I spotted Darth Vader hanging out in Goodwill.

3. My Goodwill haul after a wash.

4. At the park.

5. I loved the pattern on this coffee pot.

6. One of my Valentine roses.

Happy Monday x