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Weekly Photos 2017. 20/52

1. Cobweb in the sunlight. 2. Game of Thrones mystery figures were a hit for my 16year old’s birthday! 3. Birthday cake. Chocolate with lots of sprinkles! 4. So I didn’t get my hair cut in the end, but I did have a pale lilac colour. 5.  I love these flowers and bean pods. 6. More flowers. 7. A selection of kitchen utensils at an estate sale this weekend. Happy Monday x

Weekly photos 2017 17/52

One photo this week! I can’t believe I have not taken any pictures apart from photos of stuff for the 100 day project to post on Instagram.  I clearly need to get out more! I took this very bad shot because I am having my hair cut this week and I have decided to get lots chopped off.  Not super short but most likely jaw length, maybe a little longer.  So I thought I would have a look at how it looks now before the cut! I never ever ever wear it down because it gets in the way and I will tie it up within minutes and I am not sure about the long grey hair look for me.  The grey hair in a ponytail or wrapped into a mini bun I like, but I want something different, so that means a few inches off. I can’t believe I have kept it long for such a long time, I usually grow it down to about shoulder length then get it cut short then grow …

Weekly Photos 2017. 16/52

1. Mushrooms hiding in a fallen tree. 2. More mushrooms. 3. Dandelions and dandelion clocks at the park. 4. A lovely blue door spotted this weekend. 5. Ant art! 6. I went to a lecture given by the wonderful Stephen Jones this weekend at the St Louis Art Museum and it was so interesting. I could have listened to him all day. 7. A bridge at Forest Park golf course. Happy Monday x  

Weekly Photos 2017. 15/52

1. I got a fallen apart book from the library and removed the covers to make a new sketchbook using coptic stitch.  This is the first time I have tried coptic stitch and it took ages! 2. The High school band had a concert this week and they were very good. 3. For Easter morning I made cinnamon buns, this was the night before.  I let them rise in the fridge over night and cooked then in the morning. 4. The finished cinnamon buns. 5. Easter egg hunt (yes, even teens like to hunt for chocolate and they gather them in a planter!) on a wet easter morning. Happy Monday x