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Weekly Photos 2017. 12/52.

1. I have been enjoying painting with ink and a sumi brush, using vintage photos as inspiration in my daily painting sketchbook. 2. The archery club hut on Forest Park. 3. A member of the mounted police department. 4. The back of the hut.  I love the colour! 5. Don’t be afraid of the T-Rex, but don’t climb on him or feed him. 6. An abandoned painting station. 7. The planetarium at the St Louis Science Centre is the same colour as the sky. Happy Monday x  

Weekly Photos 2017. 11/52

1.  Once the snow stopped early last week, we were out treasure hunting and found among others, this old ink bottle.  A week later, today is 90 degrees! 2. On a different hunt we found some smaller bits and bobs like this tiny metal tennis racquet, a 1939 penny and a good luck token. 3.  At the weekend we went to a rather fabulous estate sale at an old school in the Central West End neighborhood of St Louis. 4.  It was like they shut the doors in 1973 and walked away! 5. I wish they had nooks like this at my school.  I didn’t buy the $3.00 cushion! I will be writing a post later this week detailing what I did buy. 6. We found this pretty lady’s head in the dirt. 7. The haul from a day’s digging in the dirt.  Lots of bottles and jars dating from the 1930’s and 40’s we think. Yes, that is a spoon with a broken glass eye on it….eek! Isn’t it amazing what you find when …

Weekly Photos 2017. 10/52

1. Look up.  A bare tree on the trail.  In no time it will be full of leaves. 2. Our little Star Magnolia tree flowered very early. 3. I found some flowers while walking the dog and popped them in a jar of water. 4. I made a mini journal this week and filled it in one day! 5. Looking up at the old firehouse steps. 6. Snowy woods following the very small amount of snow we had all been preparing for! 7. Snow and tree rings. 8. I was dragged out bottle hunting and we scored a haul!  Some are from the 1930’s and 50’s.  I find it amazing that these bottles have been buried for so many years. Happy Spring Break and Happy Monday x    

Weekly Photos 2017.9/52

  1. I kept the magnolia branch from last week and the flowers are so pretty. 2. The seeds are starting to grow, most of the tomato plants have started to grow and the cucumbers are peeking through. 3 & 4. I used bubble wrap with the gelli plate and it was super fun and messy!  I loved the results and can’t wait to use them in my art journals. 5. I scored a box of stamps at an estate sale this weekend, now I just need to persuade myself to use them in my journals. 6. These vintage stencils came from the same sale.  I will work into this page some more, I just wanted to use the stencils and see what all the letters looked like! Happy Monday x

Weekly Photos 2017.8/52

1 – 2. Presidents Day was a sunny warm day and we went for a jaunt around Forest Park (along with the rest of St Louis!). 3. Following the strangely warm weather, the apricot tree was in full bloom by mid-week, unfortunately the warm spell was followed by a couple of nights of freezing temperatures, so the flowers are looking a little droopy, but hopefully they will hang on and we will see some fruit. 4 – 5. I met some friends for coffee at Rise coffee and we chatted and drank coffee with a pretty design in the frothy milk! 6 – 8. It was estate sale treasure hunting time on Saturday morning, I didn’t buy the giraffe or the amazing rainbow art (someone had bought that already), but I did get a few bits and bobs.  I usually look for paper I can print or draw on or books I can use as journals, so I found a few books and some old typing paper with a lovely texture. 9. These are some …

Weekly Photos 2017. 6/52

1. This fungi/ lichen growth on a fallen tree looks ancient! 2. We have been digging for vintage bottles and jars again. In this lot there is a Listerine bottle, a deodorant cream jar and a beauty cream jar.  White milk glass is my favorite, even when it is covered in mud! 3. I have been messing about in my art journal and on old book pages this week. 4. A Metro Link transit advert. 5. I didn’t have time to drink my tea before the gym this weekend, so of course I took it with me! Happy Monday x