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Weekly Photos 2017. 36/52

  1-5. Japanese Festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. 6. Seasonal ‘Count Orlok’ pumpkin beer at Urban Chestnut on the way home. 7&8. Making some pages with vintage National Geographic images and some ‘moons’ I have been experimenting with. I try and mess about with some form of art every day, keeps me on an even keel!Do you have something you have to do on a regular basis or you miss it? Happy Monday x Advertisements

Weekly Photos 2017. 33/52

  1. Eclipse Party planning with a vintage library sign! 2. My porch table in the summer is covered in cacti and succulents. 3. The tomatoes in my garden have been no great shakes this year but the ones I have picked have been delicious. 4. I like to see under mushrooms. 5. YMCA book fair, lots of bargains to be had! 6. Cabbages at the international market. 7. My haul from the book fair. Some will stay as they are and some will become sketchbooks.  I like the small but fat language books and flash cards are always a winner for me. I hope you had a fabulous week. Happy Tuesday x

Weekly Photos 2017. 32/52

1. My little garden is struggling this year, I am not sure whether it is a lack of rain or a lack of gardening skills, but this is one of the little sunflowers that made it. 2&3. One of the huge trees at the park keeled over this week, it wasn’t in a storm or anything but it was on the ground when I walked the dog on Monday. 4&5. Once the tree had been cut down, the trunk circles were a work of art. I think one looks like a sad raccoon face! 6. This drink machine doesn’t work, I wonder how long these drinks have been in it? I suppose pop doesn’t go off! Happy Monday x

Weekly Photos 2017. 27/52

  1. We spotted this beautiful Swallowtail butterfly in the woods this week. 2. Can you see the Mantis on my basil plant? 3. We went to the newly opened Clementines Creamery  on De Man Ave in St Louis, the ice cream was amazing and I liked the floor! 4. I messed about with ink and ornamental grass for one of my 100 day project cards. 5. I am painting a watercolour flower a day along with Creative Bug this month. Happy Monday x