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Weekly Photos 2017. 27/52

  1. We spotted this beautiful Swallowtail butterfly in the woods this week. 2. Can you see the Mantis on my basil plant? 3. We went to the newly opened Clementines Creamery  on De Man Ave in St Louis, the ice cream was amazing and I liked the floor! 4. I messed about with ink and ornamental grass for one of my 100 day project cards. 5. I am painting a watercolour flower a day along with Creative Bug this month. Happy Monday x

Weekly Photos 2017. 26/52

1. Tiles, shards and a marble found in the woods. 2. Pizza rolls before looking a bit of a mess! 3. Pizza rolls cooked still looking a mess!!  Tasty though. 4. We found an ‘F’ which I think was an ‘E’ in a former life. 5. Funghi which looks like plates! 6. I pass this building every so often and it looks like it has no entrance or exit, no signs and no windows.  I wonder what it is/was. I am sure it has a door somewhere….. Happy Monday x

Weekly Photos 2017. 24/52

1. Walking the dog and finding the interesting shadows. 2. Think big, start small, connect the dots. 3. I had a go at making marbled paper and this was some ink in the water all ready for the paper. 4. I spotted this recipe on the bottom of a Trader Joe’s bag and we had to make it! 5. Some marbled paper. 6. A turtle catching a bit of sun. Happy Monday x

Weekly Photos 2017. 23/52

Fancy a seat at the dock!  This was taken at Wellfleet harbor, I hope there are cold drinks in that cooler. I liked the colours of this boat. Baker’s hardware store in South Chatham, opened in 1950 and not much has changed!  It is a great shop, I bought two paintbrushes and a Stanley knife from there. The Goose Pond (minus any geese!) at Wellfleet Wildlife Sanctuary.  It was a cold windy day but we braved the trails anyway, oh and it was raining!!  We still enjoyed the walks though. My boardwalk obsession continues, this one leading to the beach at Wellfleet Wildlife Sanctuary. An old mailbox in Chatham. Playing silly buggers with filters at Chatham Lighthouse beach view-finders!  I used Hipstamatic for this photo. Sunset at Rock Harbor, Orleans. Red river beach in Harwichport has all the shells in the world, if you are looking for slipper shells you are in the right place here, there are carpets of them! Red river beach also has the whitest sand I have seen on Cape Cod. …

Weekly Photos 2017. 20/52

1. Cobweb in the sunlight. 2. Game of Thrones mystery figures were a hit for my 16year old’s birthday! 3. Birthday cake. Chocolate with lots of sprinkles! 4. So I didn’t get my hair cut in the end, but I did have a pale lilac colour. 5.  I love these flowers and bean pods. 6. More flowers. 7. A selection of kitchen utensils at an estate sale this weekend. Happy Monday x