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100 days of free form mandalas 71-90

One of my mandalas fell by the wayside in England, but here are the rest of 71-90. I have to confess that I am pretty much out of enthusiasm for the project at this point, even though they don’t take long, I am feeling like I would rather be doing something else. Having said that, I am not stopping now and I do enjoy seeing them all together.  I can’t wait to lay out all 100 and see them all together. Have you almost finished your 100 day project?  How has it been? Happy Monday x   SaveSave

100 days of freeform mandalas 61-70

We are in the final straight of the 100 day project and to be honest I keep forgetting which day we are on and if I am keeping up or not. I am pretty much keeping up and I still am not sure what number I am at! Of this 10, I like the trio of collaged mandalas on the vintage math cards best and I also like working on the small watercolour cards, they are just the right size.  I used the watercolour cards while I was in the UK and they worked really well.  There is one missing and that is the mandala I drew on a coffee cup on the train! The 100 day project is almost complete and I am enjoying it still and I am very pleased with my pile of freeform mandalas so far. Happy Monday x SaveSave

100 days of freeform mandalas 51-60

We are well into the 100 day project now and if you are still going, good for you and see going!  We have quite a collection of items created by now which is always encouraging. I like this gathering of mandalas which are painted, stamped, sprayed, collaged and drawn. I am looking forward to see what the next ten will look like. If you want to follow along with my project on Instagram, it is at #100daysoffreeformmandalas. Happy Monday x

100 days of Freeform Mandalas 11-30

I am really getting into the world of freeform mandalas, so much apparently that I have neglected to write a blog post about my 100 Day Project since day 10. I am now up to day 43 and I have 43 mandalas.  Some days I have to play catch up but I have not fallen more than one behind.  If I do, I shall catch up again, one of the ways I manage the 100 day project is to be kind to myself and not let myself get too far behind with it, but if I do, then I allow myself to make 2 or 3 in one day if needed. Are you doing the 100 day project?  Are you using any helpful methods to keep going? Happy Monday x   SaveSave

100 days of freeform mandalas 1-10

Yay! I am loving the 100 day project so far. Yes, I know, easy to say when we are only at day 17 out of the 100 required days, but I am not feeling the pressure and I am enjoying my mandala making. I think one of the main reasons I am liking it so much this year is that I haven’t restricted myself to a sketchbook or one paper type to make them on.  In fact I am sure at some point I will make a mandala which doesn’t even involve paper. Some are in art journals, a Moleskine sketchbook, a handmade sketchbook, a vintage library card, on an old black and white photo and on a sheet of ledger paper. I do need to find a box or envelope to keep the loose ones all together though or I can see that by the end of the 100 days I won’t remember where half of my mandalas are! Are you doing the 100 day project?  How is it going? Happy Thursday x   …

The 100 Day Project 2018.

Are you participating in The 100 day project this year? Have you done it before?  With success or did you find something else to do instead?! I did my first 100 day project in 2015 when I drew or made a mandala for 100 days , see those here. In 2016 I did 100 days of altered cards using old playing cards as my starting point every day. Last year I admit that I didn’t love my project choice, of course I thought it was a good one when I chose to do it, but as the days progressed I wasn’t really enjoying the process. So 100 days of creative ideas was a good idea (irony is not lost) which turned out to be not so great! I finished though and I do like the pile of cards and ideas I have. For this year’s project I thought about 100 days of altered photographs as I have a trillion vintage black and white photos. How about 100 days of drawing botanicals? Honestly I am not sure …

Handmade sketchbook for the Season of Nature

I am beginning to get a bit obsessed with making books!  I love to make all the sketchbooks with different papers in different sizes with fold outs and accordions.  The more I make the more ideas I get for another one or two or three. We are about to start the new season over in the Get Messy Art Journal community and it is going to be The Season of Nature.  I found a book called ‘A Field Guide to Animal Tracks’ not long ago and thought it would be perfect to make into a sketchbook for The Season of Nature. Once the pages were out I was ready to go! I made two signatures and stitched one to each inside cover of the book so they open away fro each other.  I used pamphlet stitch to fasten them onto the edge of the cover. I have made a pretty backwards book which started by stitching the papers onto the opposite side than expected, but I like the way the two books are working together …

100 Days of Creative Ideas 91-100. I did it!

I did it! I staggered over the finish line clutching my energy drink and feeling my legs get wobbly.  I checked my finish time and yes, I made it.  100 hundred ideas in 100 days. Here are the final ten. 91. Go to the grocery store and find something to use as an alternative art supply. I used a toothbrush and ink. 92. Use a natural object or plant as a brush or pen. I used some ornamental grass in a bunch as a brush then one stem as a pen. 93. Write a poem about Tacos! Maybe an illustration to go with it.  Here’s mine Do you like tacos? I can’t get enough But only if they are filled With lots of tasty stuff. 94. Start a sketchbook at the back and work forward. 95. Draw or cut out two faces which are about the same size and facing the same direction. Cut each in half and stick the mis-matches together to make a new face. 96. Write a children’s story. Make it into …

100 Days of Creative Ideas 71-90

Blimey we are into the final ten days of the 100 day project which seemed so far away back in April when we started. I don’t think I have repeated any ‘ideas’, but I might have done!  I don’t look back to see if I have made a copy.  Maybe I should! Here are ideas 71 – 90. 71. Draw a cat with your eyes closed! No peeking. 72. Cut out a picture and stick it down. Draw a frame around it. Make a gallery! 73. Watch a flower grow, draw each stage.  This would be a cool sketchbook once it is full! 74. Look in the mirror. Draw your face without looking at the paper. Keep your eyes on your face and your pen on the paper. 75. Take a page from a book and cross out all the words except a few to make a new sentence. 76. Make a pattern which looks like part of a map. Start with a small shape and use different line thicknesses and closeness to make your …