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Weekly Photos 3/52. 2017

1. We went to Route 66 State Park this weekend and explored in the sunshine! 2. A naturally formed terrarium in an old bottle. 3. Yay for sunshine over the fields. 4. I climbed out of bed early on Saturday to go to a local estate sale and scored this ace tin of buttons and buckles. 5. I also bought a whole fabulous box of vintage travel ‘accordion’ postcards from the same sale.  I bought them to draw and paint on, but I am not sure I can bring myself to! 6 & 7. Two sides of the same painting at the St Louis Art Museum, I love the two colour palettes. 8. One of my favourite paintings at the Art Museum, cakes by Wayne Thiebaud. Happy Monday x

Weekly Photos 52/52

The last collection of photos from 2016!     1. Gingerbread modernist architecture with the addition of Jolly Rancher pillars! 2. My filled art journals from 2016. 3. I have been playing with the gelli plate and dried seeds this week to make some patterns and images to use in journal pages. 4. Blue skies for our New Year’s Day hike at Route 66 State Park. 5. We were looking for old bottles and found all of these shovels. 6. Railway bridge over the Meramec river. 7. Shadow family. 8. Pond, trees and reflections. Well, that was 2016 and here is 2017.  I hope it is a wonderful year for all of us, I am going to try and be regularly creative and record my journey here on the blog. Happy Monday x  

Weekly Photos 51/52

Here are some snaps from the past Christmassy week. 1. The piccalilli (Jamie Oliver Magazine) recipe worked a treat and it is delicious! 2. We got a little bit of snow and some freezing cold. 3-5. Laumeier Sculpture Park. here in St Louis. 6. After three goes at honeycomb toffee, I finally hit success! 7. Grass and water at Forest Park. 8. Monkey bread for Christmas morning breakfast. I used a ‘from scratch’ recipe and it was very successful! I hope you all had a very happy Christmas! Happy Monday x

Weekly Photos 36/52

1-3. We visited Sandy Creek Covered Bridge State Park on Monday last week as it was Labor Day here and everyone was off school and work in our house. It was an impressive bridge over a creek where kids can paddle and look for rocks and arrow heads. 4. Near the park was The Old Curiosity Shop which sadly was closed as it was a Monday. I wonder what treasure is in there! 5. We spotted this old sign in a field so of course I had to snap a photo. 6. Lunch at Fozzies,  a local sandwich shop with a trailer along with the raised beds and vegetables and herbs. 7-12. On Saturday I was up with the lark (and the dog) to go to Mount Pleasant Winery for a fundraiser for Pedal the Cause hosted by Core 3 Fitness.  I took photos for the event and I got to visit the wine cellars which were amazing. The cellars sounded like crickets and smelt like well, wine. I got to explore the winery and …

Weekly Photos 35/52

I am a day late with weekly photos this week because of the holiday here in the States, of course this means that I will have no clue what the day is for the rest of the week! 1. A look at my dining table when I have my stuff all over the place as I mess about in my art journals. 2.This giant caterpillar was on the hot pepper plant early this week, we decided to leave him even though he was munching away at the whole plant including the chilli peppers! 3. The very next day the plant was almost bare, by the end of the week he had gone (hopefully to spin his chrysalis and not into a bird’s belly). 4. I indulged in a maple latte before my trip to Forest Park on Wednesday. Fall is coming! 5. A replica of ‘The Spirit of St Louis’ hanging in the History Museum. 6. Saint Louis residing outside the St Louis Art Museum. 7. Art inside the St Louis Art Museum. 8. A …

Topping up Creativity.

I am pleased to say that my creativity levels are usually brimming and this week was no different. Just to keep everything bubbling and brewing in my imagination I decided to get myself onto the Metrolink, jump off at Skinker and scamper across Forest Park to the Art Museum. In fact I scampered to the Missouri History Museum first catching a couple of Pokemon on the way (for my son, I know, I am a good/crazy Mum!).  It was a lovely day, not quite cool, but certainly better than it has been in the humidity department. The Little Black Dress exhibit at the  History Museum is about to close, so the pressure was on to see it.  I wandered the dresses for a few minutes, sketched one or two and snapped a couple of pictures. Honestly I was underwhelmed, I mean it did what it said on the can, there were black dresses, but it was nothing amazing. No matter, the St Louis Art Museum had been calling to me all morning, so even though …