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Weekly Photos 2017. 43/52

1. A lovely orange fungi spotted in the woods this week. 2. Dried hydrangea flowers gathered on a dog walk. 3. The last tomato before the cold weather came in with a vengeance. 4. We went to a great estate sale this weekend, I liked the box of cutlery but I didn’t need it! 5. This phone caught my eye, it was behind an open cupboard and not for sale, but it took me right back to chatting with my friends on a phone fastened into the wall. I like the unintended orange theme this week. Happy Monday x

April photo a day 2014

April was a month of planting and digging and mowing it seems.  I started to read The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt which I am enjoying and will most likely finish sometime in June! We started to re-do the bathroom and found some cool old wallpaper and the original floor tiles.  Easter hopped by and welcomed Spring and all things new and growing.  I made hot cross buns and Simnel cake which is all long gone. Sunflowers seeds were planted on Earth Day and we are watching them peek through the soil and grow at breakneck speed. I started to run again after about a year of not really running, I am looking at a half marathon in October, so there is some incentive to keep pounding the pavement. April was also another month of Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day, so here are mine. 1. Something purple. 2. In my hand.  I made a little clutch bag in linen fabric with some machine embroidery on the front. 3. Shapes.  In the new rain barrel. 4. …

March 2014 Photo a Day

So begins the March Photo a Day challenge round up!  Yellow is one of my favourite colours, so a great start. March saw snow and snow days off school, we had a few trips out to local State Parks and the zoo which is always a treat. I read ‘The Hive’ by Gill Hornby and laughed all the way through it. Being a Brit living in the US, it always a joy to find such an ‘English’ book. None of the colloquial language had been edited and I loved all of it!  Now what to read? I think I am going to give ‘The Goldfinch’ by Donna Tartt a go. Have you read it? Any recommendations? The garlic is growing nicely in the raised beds and I have planted some Basil, Coriander/Cilantro and Ancho chili pepper seeds in pots, so we can’t wait to see them start to shoot up. And of course I took a photo every day following the prompts provided by Chantelle of Fat Mum Slim. Thanks Chantelle!  1. Yellow  2. Something …

February 2014 Photo a Day

There goes February, a short month and a chilly one too, we had snow and ice and rain and sunshine.  Hopefully March will bring Spring out from hiding behind Winter.  Come on out Spring, we are all friendly and can’t wait to see you! Here are my daily photo offerings for February, I follow the prompts supplied by lovely Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim. 1. You.  Circa 1984, in a homemade and dyed dress. 2. Favourite.  Finding old beads and charms to make into something. 3. Something Orange 4. Childhood 5.Square 6. C is for ….meow 7. Utensil 8. Water 9. Details. 10. I am…. 11. Mistake.  Walking on that ice would be. 12. Out + About.  Detail of a local bridge. 13. Perfect.  The perfect Valentine’s haul from school. 14. Heart 15. My drink of choice.  Homemade frothy coffee. 16. Create 17. Vegetable.  Pom pom carrot! 18. Magic.  First flower on the Rosemary. 19. Feet 20. Peace 21. Funny.  This guy. 22. An act of Kindness 23. This where I relax 24. Half 25. …

Photo a day 2014 January

1. Lunch 2. Begins with G.  Gloves. 3. My town 4. Word to live by 5. Found.  A snow covered path. 6. Happens everyday.  Something gets made. 7. Upside down 8. Lucky number. Warmer temps. 9. Natural 10. Man made.  New CatsEatDogs necklaces. 11. Looking down 12. Colourful 13. Makes me smile. Rescuing a discarded Poinsettia. 14. 3 Things 15. Black and White 16. Sun 17. Tiny 18. Happy place 19. Breakfast 20. To do list 21. Blue 22. Nice!  Nest by CatsEatDogs with rose quartz. 23. Bedtime 24. Your space 25. A taste of summer/winter 26. Fun stuff 27. I bought this 28. Dinner 29. Window 30. Best invention ever. The iPhone and hair dye! 31. Polka dot January saw the Polar Vortex and we still have some snow melting very slowly in our front garden.  I started reading ‘The Flamethrowers’ and stopped and I started reading ‘Life after Life’ and stopped.  I need a book I like!  Maybe I will find one in February. I ate Dim Sum which is my absolute favourite …

A month of A-Z

Last December I used the alphabet as the daily prompts and it was a fun project, so this year I did it again! A is for acorns B is for Boys. C is for Cocoa tin. D is for decoration E is for elf pom pom calendar F is for footprints G is for gold H is for horse I is for icicles J is for jars of mincemeat K is for knot L is for love M is for mince pies N is for nine years old O is for orange P is for paw print Q is for quiet reading time R is for red S is for syrup T is for two plants. U is for underneath V is for vintage W is for Wintery morning X if for xtremely icy Y is for yellow Z is for zodiac

This happened this week.

I am going back to compiling a selection of weekly photos rather than taking a photo a day. I found myself taking any old nonsense just to get a snap taken. Usually I do end up with a photo a day, but not always a share worthy one! So here is this week’s round up. I found an icy heart, clear reflections, made mince pies, it snowed, Mr.Y chatted to Santa and we built a snow fort. What will this week bring I wonder?