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10 on the tenth and weekly photos 19/52

  10 on the tenth from Saturday, I didn’t post on Saturday because it was the Bead Soup Blog Party reveal and I didn’t want to be posting all day!  So here they are! 1.  Mr Y and I got up early to go a local church ‘Garage’ sale.  We got there so early we had to join a little line to get in.  Very keen!  I spotted this box as soon as we got there and I thought it would be ideal to store photos in.  When I bought it, it was labeled ‘suprise hardware $1’, so I took my hardware chances and got the box.  Turns out it is great for my photos and it was indeed full of hardware including some very nice hooks I will most likely use.  Good start to the sale! 2.  The jewels I made with the beads I received as part of the Bead Soup exchange. 3. and 4. A tin and buttons from the sale. 5. and 6. Award winning magnets!  Another score from the garage …

Six Word Saturday

After we had been grocery shopping this morning Mr Y climbed up a tree and had a little seaweed snack. Want to make a post a Six Word Saturday? Write on a photo or just write six words. Easy peasy. To make this picture, I used A Beautiful Mess app and Phonto app on the iPhone and iPad. Link to yours in the comments, post on Instagram #sixwordsaturday or just leave me six words. I would love to see them. Happy weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas for tomorrow.

Weekly photos 18/52

Last week saw the arrival of May which is one of my favourite months of the year, the weather is usually lovely,  gracefully welcoming summer and by the end of the month school is out. For the photo selection this week we have: Storm clouds and treetops.  Impending storms always seem to make the light glow and these trees look so bright.  As soon as I snapped this, I got rather wet as I had forgotten an umberella! A pretty two tone seed. Someone had left a spade in the volleyball court. Massive sheet of safety glass and me. The cloud factory. School field day. The sunflowers are 5cm tall. I hope this week has started well for you, let’s see what it brings.  Happy Monday!

Through the Lens Thursday and Ten on the 10th April 2014

A lovely sunny day for Ten on the 10th this month, so I thought I would snap a few pictures of the wonderful tree blossoms which are only around for a week or two before the leaves pop through and the trees are green. I do love the flowers, but they make me sneeze, not really bad allergies, just enough to be inconvenient! Looking back on April 2013 Ten on the 10th, Spring is a little behind this year, but as long as we get a Spring and Summer doesn’t come too early to heat us all up, I am not complaining. I have taken the photos on the Canon and my iPhone.   Lots and lots of tree blossom! My Through the Lens Thursday offering.  The prompt today was ‘Books’, so I took a photo of my cook books.  I had to use the tripod to get this as the books are in a dim corner. The last photos are taken on my phone.  I saw this sign in the road, so of course …

Weekly Photos 14/52

Last week really saw the trees starting to bloom and we had our first tornado warning trip to the basement.  Lots of rain, wind and hail and a tornado touched down about three miles from here, yikes! The garden is getting planted and we bought and build a composter which is totally encouraging everyone to eat veggies just so we can compost the peelings!     Here’s to a happy sunny week ahead!  Do you have a weekly photo round-up?  Share in the comments!  I am linking up with Em at The Beetle Shack for her Weekly Stills collection.

Weekly Photos 12/52 and Living Arrows

This past week I started to fill my album of photos for 2014, I am using Project Life by Becky Higgins photo sleeves and a ring binder to keep them in.  I think that this may mean that I am dipping my chilly toes into the world of scrapbooking, but I am mainly using the albums and sleeves for photos and write up about the photos, rather than stickers and stamps and quotes.  Of course I can’t promise that I won’t enter the world of stickers and scrapbooking doodads (is that an actual word?  I am not sure), but I am thinking I can hold off for now.  I have painted a few cards to go with the photos and I am happy with the way it is turning out so far.  I will get a few more pages done and I will share them with you.  So far here are some of the cards I painted with brush script to go among the photos. The bulbs are starting to peek up through the dead …

Weekly photos 9/52

Last week was a little warmer and then little colder, and then it snowed…again.  I had a root canal on Wednesday which instead of being the nightmare I was expecting,  dispelled all of the tooth pain I have been having.  Now I just need to drink lots of water to cleanse my pain killer abused liver. I made two bracelets of similar beads and the pictures above are of one of them.  I ordered some new beads and I am super excited to get them, I nearly bounce out the door to greet the mail lady when I am expecting beads in the post!  Will they come today?  I wonder. The colour of the week was orange which was another hard one to find, check out Andrea and Xanthe‘s blogs for some fab colour inspirations. Suddenly every traffic cone everywhere I go pops into my vision!  No, I did not take a photo of a cone… I did find a cool old truck which is parked locally, so I stalked it and got a couple …