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One + Four = Life. Weekly Photos 47/52.

I am joining the lovely Isabel from Nanjing Nian blog for this week’s One + Four = Life, a selection of photos taken through the last week.  It has turned cold here and we have had a few frosty mornings with icy puddles. 1. Before it got super cold, we had some torrential rain which rushed down our street, which is a hill, and into the woods.  As it raced along the woodland path, it gouged a path through the layer of leaves.  It looked like someone had got a leaf blower and walked down with the path blasting a narrow gully though the leaves. 2. Some hardy mushrooms keep peeking out, but I don’t suppose I will see many more until Spring now. 3. I made pizza for dinner one night this week, my whole house thought I was a mad person for putting kale on mine, but it went crispy and was delicious. 4. I managed to resist this chocolate in the International supermarket!  We went to stock up on English treats for …

One + Four = Life. Weekly Photos 23/52.

Oopsie, I am a little late for the weekly foursome, but better late than never! I have some photos from our holiday in Cape Cod for you this week. 1. Wellfleet Drive in cinema hosts a flea market at the weekends, so while we were bargain hunting, I snapped the audio and visual of the cinema. 2. This must be the tiniest library I have ever seen! 3. The famed ‘Days cottages’ on the beach at Truro. 4. We went to the closed Air Force Base at Truro which now houses the Highlands Centre. Most of the base is abandoned and cool to look around. This is one of the basketball courts all overgrown. Have a fab Tuesday!

Weekly Photos 13/52. One + Four = Life.

1. Sketching in Spring Break.  Drawing Cityscapes and getting inspired by the book 365 Things to Draw and Paint. 2. Daffodils and my first ever crochet project (I have since started again as I was losing so many stitches!) 3. Veggie soup for dinner. 4. Line tickets for a local Estate Sale.  I scored some vintage magazines a book all about character from the twenties! For my weekly photos this week (and maybe for ever and ever) I am joining in with Pip at Meet me at Mikes, taking and posting four photos from my week. I hope you had a good week and the sun is shining where you are.