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Photo a Day November 2014

  1.  Something Blue.  I spotted this lovely painting in an antique mall.  I think she is super pretty.   2.  I saw this!   3.  Weather.  Great weather for drying a washed hedgehog!   4.  Can’t Live Without.   5.  8 o’clock.  A new park from the top of the hill taken on a rare morning run!   6.  Made me Smile today.  Crunchy leaves!   7.  On the Floor. A frosty leaf.   8.  A Place.  The boy’s ‘base’ in the back garden.   9. Heck yes!   10.  I do this every day.  Try to eat some good stuff!   11.  A set.  Vintage mugs.   12.  Normal.  A bunch of flowers given to me by my friend’s kids, a lovely normal.   13.  Letters.  Hand painted snail mail.   14.  For me.  I made a necklace, for me.   15.  Hot + Cold.  Chilly fox in a hot store.   16.  After.  A snowfall.   17.  Cooking.   18.  I love this.  Making new jewels for my Etsy store.   19. …

What I am wearing today.

  The snow is almost all gone and the sun is out today, chilly but blue skies.  I’ll take it! We are almost at the end of National Blog Post Month and I have not missed a day, so proud! Today I had a little swing on the tyre at the end of the garden and thought I would share a little wintery outfit with you. Boots-DSW, Jeans-Goodwill, Jacket-Eye Candy Boutique

Through The Lens Thursday 48. Clear.

      We went to a local State Park yesterday and this lovely creek was perfect for this week’s Through the Lens Thursday prompt which is ‘Clear’.  It snowed the whole time we were hiking and it was a super pretty walk through the trees and across the creeks.  I took these photos at the beginning of the walk when the snow was just starting, by the time we were done there was a couple of inches on the ground. Happy Thanksgiving!  

45 things at my 45th Birthday

It is my birthday today and it is snowing!  Hurrah! I snagged an idea from the lovely Greta at Gfunkified to write 45 things about me on my 45th birthday.  So, here goes. 45 at 45. 1. I am 45 today. 2. I have a degree in Fashion Design. 3. I am reading ‘Everything I Never Told You’ by Celeste Ng. 4. My favourite music at the minute is Twenty One Pilots, George Ezra and Max Jury. 5. I was a teen of the 80’s and my favourite music then was Madness, The Specials, The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees. 6. I would like to have met Roald Dahl. 7. I like caramel shortbread very much, thankfully I don’t see it much over here. 8. My favourite season is Autumn. 9. I prefer to be cold than hot. 10. I like scarves. A lot. 11. My favourite way to exercise is hiking, pilates, yoga, boxing and running (sometimes…). 12. My favourite films ever are Cinema Paradiso and Pretty in Pink, although I haven’t seen either …

Gone Grey Girl.

  My hair is almost all ‘natural’ now, only about half an inch of colour left at the ends of my fringe.  Last time I got it cut, I nearly went shorter just to get the dye out, but decided to wait a little longer and keep the style I like.  I snapped a few polaroids today to show you where the grey is. It is fascinating to see the grey allocation, the back is pretty much all brown and the front is all Cruella Deville. So how am I feeling about it?  Reaching for the dye yet?  I am absolutely not going to be dyeing it anytime soon, I would predict that I will never dye it all over again.  I am tempted to have a little crazy colour in there though, a spot of blue or purple maybe.  It is white for goodness sake, the blank page on my head, waiting for a little colour!  I am rather happy with the hefty chunks of grey/white, I quite like them.   I am also …

Weekly Photos 47/52.

            1.  A snowy walk to school on Monday. 2.  New neckace added to my Etsy shop. 3.  Ready to try a new workout. 4.  I have been busy making jewels this week. 5.  Potato chips – instead of a salad – they’re delightful!  An advert from an old newspaper. 6.  Library activities, making button badges and magnets. Here’s looking forward to a great week!