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Photo a day 2014 January

1. Lunch 2. Begins with G.  Gloves. 3. My town 4. Word to live by 5. Found.  A snow covered path. 6. Happens everyday.  Something gets made. 7. Upside down 8. Lucky number. Warmer temps. 9. Natural 10. Man made.  New CatsEatDogs necklaces. 11. Looking down 12. Colourful 13. Makes me smile. Rescuing a discarded Poinsettia. 14. 3 Things 15. Black and White 16. Sun 17. Tiny 18. Happy place 19. Breakfast 20. To do list 21. Blue 22. Nice!  Nest by CatsEatDogs with rose quartz. 23. Bedtime 24. Your space 25. A taste of summer/winter 26. Fun stuff 27. I bought this 28. Dinner 29. Window 30. Best invention ever. The iPhone and hair dye! 31. Polka dot January saw the Polar Vortex and we still have some snow melting very slowly in our front garden.  I started reading ‘The Flamethrowers’ and stopped and I started reading ‘Life after Life’ and stopped.  I need a book I like!  Maybe I will find one in February. I ate Dim Sum which is my absolute favourite …

4/52 Weekly Photos

February is only a week away.  Phew hold onto 2014, it is flying by!  Are you managing to keep up? I am keeping up with a few new things which I am pleased about. A new thing I found over at Hula Seventy was the weekly colour photo join-in-along with Xanthe.   Last week was Red, so here are my red photos.  I like red as a highlight colour, red boots, red bracelet or red hair, not so much an all over colour. I don’t like red pens at all, not even as a method of highlighting.  I will only use a red pen if I need to draw a red something, a poppy or a heart.  Never never never for writing or communicating, too aggressive on the page for my liking. Maybe too much of a flashback from school homework marking, red pen all over the place.  Positive or negative, all red pen.  Green pens would have been be a way more pleasant way to communicate especially on kids homework.  I wonder if I …

Ten on the Tenth January 2014

The first Ten on the Tenth of the year and the rain has started to wash away the snow.  It has rained all day and now there is a snowy rainy river rushing down the street.  Bye bye snow, you were pretty, but now I need to see the ground. I got stamps today, but I can’t use them. I mean look at them, they are fantastic!  Harry Potter stamps, pictures and everything.  I need stamps again.  Plain stamps. I got out some lovely African Trade beads and some wood and some silver beads today to make a necklace or two.  I got a bit carried away.  I made some long and some short necklaces which will look great with tanks and T’s in the Spring and Summer. It rained and rained today and it still is. Books we are reading at the minute.  Mr.Y is reading Billionaire Boy and I am reading All the Birds Singing.  We are liking them so far. I hope all is going very well where you are.  Happy Weekend!

Nests as pendants

I haven’t made a birdy nest for a while and I was happy to get making the little cute pies again. These new nests hang on ball chain which gives a nice casual look with a pretty little nest and eggs inside it. People often associate the nests with how many children they have (or how many they wish for). The eggs in the nests are pearls, glass or semi precious stones. One of my favourites here is the nest with the rose quartz eggs.

Project 365 photos 25-31

Into the second month of Project 365 now and I haven’t missed a day yet. Let’s hope I can keep it up.  This week has seen my birthday, Thanksgiving and lots of sunshine!  As usual, these photos are a mix of iPhone 4 and Canon Rebel cameras,  and one from the Polaroid Construction Camera. 25/365 One of my new necklaces for CatsEatDogs, taken on the Canon. 26/365 A sign in a local antiques shop. Taken on the phone. 27/365 We made Christmas cake today and tradition states that everyone who stirs the batter gets to make a wish. Taken with Oggl on the phone. 28/365 Instant photo from one of my new (old) cameras.  This is me with some Thanksgiving veg! 29/365 Squashed seedpod on the bridge this morning.  Taken with the phone and no filters added. 30/365 Missouri Botanical Gardens all set up for the Garden Glow.  We haven’t seen the garden all lit up, but even in the daytime, it is pretty cool.  Taken with the Canon. 31/365 Oranges about to be made …

Catseatdogs new bracelet. Testing testing.

I got these gorgeous organic shaped oval rings a while ago and it has taken a few attempts and a misguided bracelet or two to decide on this style. I love this wrap with the ring incorporated although my intention was for the wrap to be long enough to wrap the wrist five times instead of three. Need to recalculate the amount of starting thread!  Of course this is the reason I make things, test them, adjust and try again. This bracelet has been declared a success by me, so I will be making more, and they will wrap five times, unless I get it wrong again….! What do you think?  A little different for my usual wraps, but a worthy diversion which I like.

Catseatdogs Earth circle pendant and ombre wrap

I made a new circle pendant today using some lovely earthy colours. You know how I love making and wearing wrap bracelets.  This blue wrap bracelet starts with cream beads and moves through the tones to end with navy blue pearls, in an ombre effect.    This little smasher is a customer order, but I am going to make some more, I love the ombre look.

Catseatdogs wrap bracelet

Wrap bracelets are one of my favourites pieces to make and to wear. They are super comfortable, can be layered up for a more dramatic look. I can make them with sparkle beads or earthy wood and clay beads and I love them both and both like to be worn together or alone. I think the best part is choosing the beads I am going to use. In fact I am about to make a blue ombré effect wrap and I can’t wait to get the beads out to get started. I will share when I have made it, I see it starting with cream and ending with navy. This bracelet  sitting on a pumpkin is a chunky casual wrap made with wood, lucite, grey mother of pearl and some gorgeous blue snake beads. One of the constants in these bracelet is that they all fasten with a careful chosen vintage button, many of which are mother of pearl, all of which are lovely. I like to wear jewelry, and bracelets are my pieces of …

CatsEatDogs Earthy Heart pendant

Do you have an earthy heart? I think I do, I like being outdoors, running, walking anywhere – to the library, to school, to the gym, wandering through the little wooded area at the end of our street or hiking a hilly trail.  I don’t even care if it is raining or snowing although I am not a fan of frying under the hot sun. While I am outside I am gathering colours and textures. Taking photos, gathering acorns and empty acorn cups or vibrant leaves to press flat and crisp when I get home. I am always finding pressed leaves in the diary or in one of my fat notebooks which I have kept from the year or years past. Crispy but still vibrant leaves tucked into the pages for future discovery. In this heart, I have used some earth colours without making it a season specific piece. I don’t want to be told when I can wear a piece of jewelry by making it too Autumny or holiday specific, so I am not …


I decided to use the name CatsEatDogs in 2001 after rejecting Mango Grace (which I quite like).  Alas, I don’t know where the name came from apart from the initials C.E.D. were my initials at the time. Here is what I wrote in my notebook on September 7th 2001  “Jewelry range called Cats Eat Dogs.  Labels – a cartoon cat eating a dog.  The cat being big with a huge mouth and the dog running in” Blimey, I am not sure of the lovely image that conjours up…. but wait, there are sketches…I quite like where the last one is going actually.  Maybe I should have another go at that one. Look what else I found in my old sketchbook/scrapbook.  Looks like a pom pom blanket.  Be still my pom pom loving heart! Do you keep a notebook for ideas/sketches/cuttings?  I still do and although I like magazines on the iPad, I really like a magazine made from paper I can cut up and stick in my book.  I love that I have lots of …