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Sketching in a magazine-entertaining myself during a flight.

I was on the way home to St Louis from Portland on the only direct flight I could find at the time I needed and I had forgotten to check in early so I ended up in the dreaded C boarding group on Southwest, there were 4 people behind and a plane full of people in front of me.  I was not looking for a luxury window or a convenient aisle seat, no, I was looking for a inevitable middle seat but what I was really looking for was one with room to breathe! I spotted it, a seat I could fit in without (hopefully) having to fight the elbows or knees of my fellow travelers. I plonked myself down and get settled. Phone on airplane mode, what shall I do?  Read my book which I had just bought and was only a few pages in?  Listen to some music or a podcast? Start reading Kinfolk magazine which I had splashed out on just before I left Portland? While I was in Portland one of …

A month of creative lettering.

During October I joined Pam Garrison and Creative Bug for a month of creative lettering.  Each day a new video was released on the Creative Bug site to instruct and inspire a new lettering idea or technique. I chose a handmade book which was waiting for the opportunity to be filled with letters and lettering. Inside are just over 30 pages of a variety of paper from navy thin paper to cold and hot press watercolour paper via a few sheets of brown kraft paper. Here are my favorite pages from the month.   I enjoyed the whole month but I think my favorites are the sumi brush and ink alphabet and the watercolor shape alphabet. I love a  monthly challenge! Happy Wednesday x

The same, but different. Sketch the same thing in different ways.

Last week I was in the garden looking at my tomato plants to see if any were ripe and how huge the beefsteaks are getting.  I like to pop into the garden every morning and see how my tomatoes are doing, it is one of my favorite things about the summer. Nothing better than being able to grow your own veg, even if you only have three tomato plants! All of my plants have lots of tomatoes which is a marvelous thing. Anyway, on the day in question, I spotted a dried up leaf mangled up among my little tomatoes.  I went to pull it out when I realized that it was not a leaf, but a dried magnolia flower from my neighbour’s tree.  Perfectly formed, just with brown petals instead of the delicate pink of the fresh version. In all the years I have lived here, I had never noticed these mini wonders.  I began to look all around the tree and I found a handful of crispy flowers. Of course I did what …

100 Days of Altered Cards by CatsEatDogs, Days 31-50.

I have made it to over half way in The 100 Day Project!  Yay! I am really enjoying altering my little box of vintage playing cards, little artworks with no pressure. Well apart from the ‘one a day’ pressure of course! The first 30 cards in the project are here  and here. If you want to follow my project daily over at Instagram, my hashtag is #100daysofalteredcardsbycatseatdogs.  Happy Tuesday x        

Get Messy Art Journal and sketchbook pages.

I brought my sketchbooks on holidays and am happy that I did because I have enjoyed doodling some patterns which I am sure I will use in the future. I often plan with all good intentions and end up doing nothing I thought I would. This time I have enjoyed having my sketchbook to stick old pages in and practice my buoy sketches.  For this season of Get Messy we are using a book as a sketchbook/art journal which is something I like to do anyway, so I am happy with that. I did have a false start though. The original book I was going to use had very thin pages and I knew I wouldn’t be sticking any together to work around this so I picked a new book.  This one is the ‘avocado’ book which I picked up from a yard sale here on the Cape. There is a picture of the front cover in my last post.  For the above page I used three different flower stamps and gave them a painted …

‘I like’ Friday, a colouring sheet for you.

I recently drew and printed out some colouring in postcards to send to friends and family across the globe as a little happy mail with bonus colouring if they fancied it. What I hadn’t done, is colour one in myself.  I drew them and traced them and made sure all the lines were where they should be, but I never added any colour.  Until now that is. I decided that I would explore a few different ways to colour the same sheet. What do you like to colour with?  I know pencil crayons are a top choice, but I don’t like to colour with them as much as I like to draw with them. For the top two cards I used brush pens for the colour and I did some extra drawing and patterns on the yellow card with a Micron pen. Watercolour paints is maybe not the first choice for a coloring page, but these are post cards and printed on card-stock, so they put up with a layer of water colour just fine. …

‘Get Messy’ Season of Lists. Week 3

The season of list making continues in the Get Messy community.  I am not sure how I am feeling about the lists yet.  I enjoy a list and I may or may not write them to get through each day, but to use them as art journal fodder may be out of my range.  I don’t normally write much in my sketchbooks, I am more art, less journal. I had a go at drawing a face this week in my journal which I am pleased with. I feel like I have given myself permission to have a go at drawing more in my journal pages.  Some will be spectacularly terrible, but I am hoping to keep practicing and improving! Happy ‘Get Messy’ Thursday!