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How to make Reindeer Dust.

  It is very important to make Reindeer Dust on Christmas Eve.  An essential part of ensuring that Santa and his sleigh make it to your place. The glitter glitters (of course) and guides them to your drive/garden/roof (careful with this application please) and the oats give the magical reindeer a snack on arrival.   Here is the recipe – oats, glitter, shiny shapes.  Mix well and apply to all surfaces which will help guide the reindeer in – driveway, garden path, outside your door, on the roof, in fact anywhere you decide to sprinkle.   Merry Christmas!

I made a softie teacup and saucer!

  I read about  Softies for Mirabel a few months ago and decided that I wanted to make a toy to mail over to Australia to help out.   The problem was that I couldn’t decide what to make.  A doll?  An animal?  No, let’s make a mug of tea was my first thought.  This soon evolved in my crafty brain into a cup and saucer set. How do I make a teacup and saucer I thought.  I planted the idea in my head and let it grow a little bit, made a couple of sketches on random pieces of paper and got started. I am a very ‘trial and error’ soft toy maker, no pattern, just an idea, a pair of scissors and a sewing machine! The cup had to be fastened to the saucer so they didn’t lose each other, so I made a fabric ribbon and attached it to the cup and the saucer leaving it long enough for tea time play. The handle on the cup took me an age to …

Pom Pom Acorns

Acorns and leaves and mushrooms and pumpkins. All lovely Autumn things along with apples and chilly night-times and sunny days. What better way to celebrate than with a slice of pumpkin bread, a rosemary syrup latte and a cute pom pom acorn or two! I had some big acorn cups hanging around (as you do) and I decided to make some mini pom poms to create little fluffy acorns.   To start I made little pom poms using the smallest maker I have which makes poms about 4cm across.  I trimmed them into an acorn shape keeping them the right size for the acorn cups.  You can trim them down as small as you need, just be careful not to cut it in half!   I used liquid glue around the inside of the acorn and popped the pom pom acorn in.  Ta Dah!  Pom pom acorns.  Why not make lots for a lovely Autumnal display?

Pom poms in the Springtime!

Yesterday I made a few pom poms with my new pom pom makers and I can’t believe how quick it is to make these little fluffy cuties with a proper ‘maker’!  I feel like a cheat, but I am sure I will get over that.  So. Darn. Quick.  Hurrah.  I am actually thinking that a pom pom rug might not take the rest of my life now! Anyway, less rugs, more Spring. I made some little Springtime critters and of course some carrots for them to eat. I started with a pile of pom poms all ready to sew together. Here’s how. To make the carrots, I made three poms in graduating sizes and them sewed them together.  I made a very loose pom pom with green wool and cut it unevenly and sewed it on the bigger end to make the carrot leaves.  I trimmed them a little to get a better carrot shape, but not much.  Now we need a bunny to eat the carrots. The bunny is two pom poms, one big, …

February 2014 Photo a Day

There goes February, a short month and a chilly one too, we had snow and ice and rain and sunshine.  Hopefully March will bring Spring out from hiding behind Winter.  Come on out Spring, we are all friendly and can’t wait to see you! Here are my daily photo offerings for February, I follow the prompts supplied by lovely Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim. 1. You.  Circa 1984, in a homemade and dyed dress. 2. Favourite.  Finding old beads and charms to make into something. 3. Something Orange 4. Childhood 5.Square 6. C is for ….meow 7. Utensil 8. Water 9. Details. 10. I am…. 11. Mistake.  Walking on that ice would be. 12. Out + About.  Detail of a local bridge. 13. Perfect.  The perfect Valentine’s haul from school. 14. Heart 15. My drink of choice.  Homemade frothy coffee. 16. Create 17. Vegetable.  Pom pom carrot! 18. Magic.  First flower on the Rosemary. 19. Feet 20. Peace 21. Funny.  This guy. 22. An act of Kindness 23. This where I relax 24. Half 25. …

How to make a Pom Pom Carrot

Pom pom carrot!  I know, a pom pom carrot sounds bonkers and of course it is.  So what else to do, but to make one. Here’s how. Make three pom poms in graduating sizes, I used a cereal packet to cut my pom pom bases out and increased the size of each circle by 2cm each time, ending up with  4cm, 6cm and 8cm discs.  I used orange fluffy wool but any orange wool will be great. For the leafy top, I loosely wrapped some green wool around my hand a few times in an uneven manner and tied it like a pom pom and trimmed open the ends.  Almost like a very loose freeform pom pom. Sew them together using the wool already on the pom, include the ‘leaves’ as you sew the three together. Fresh from the pom pom garden!  Now where is the pea green wool…… Have fun making pom pom veg and don’t forget to tell me what you made in the comments!

Pom pom Heart

I made a little pom pom heart for you.   Look! This would be a great little Valentine craft for kids, it takes a while, but not too long and they can mix in colours or make them a solid colour. I made my mini pom poms from a mix of pinks and reds. I was interested to see how the colours came through as to be honest, I have never mixed colours before, always used one colour per pom pom. I liked my little multi colour experiment and I am inspired to do more and trying to direct the colours where I want them instead of randomly like these. Want to make a pom pom heart? Make three pom poms, all the same size. I made pretty small ones (about two inches across), but you can make them any size you like. Sew the pom poms together using the same wool, two on the top, one underneath, making a basic heart shape. Leave one strand to hang with and trim the pom pom heart …

How to make pom pom elves

As you know, I love a pom pom or three. I am using pom poms as my advent calendar, making a pom pom a day and hanging it on. This idea soon turned into pom pom elves! This is how the elves are looking so far, with a few snowballs thrown in. Want to make your very own elf or pack of elves? They can adorn your tree or hang anywhere you want. I have been making the elves in different sizes and the hats turn out as big or long as the fabric allows and I decide. So, grab a pom pom maker (I use cut out circles for mine), some yarn, some felt, embroidery thread and a nice big needle and off we go. Make a nice pom pom using some fab yarn. Leave a nice long length for hanging your cute elf up. Cut out a triangle of felt with the bottom edge long enough to go around your pom pom, make it as tall or short as you want. With some …

10 things I have learnt this year

1. Pom poms can be made into anything!  Look I made a fox, don’t know what he says though…  I have also made a ghost and a caterpillar and I have lots more pom pom items in my brain, just waiting to pop out. 2. It is a good idea to use a diary with a blank page with each weekly date page, now I can make even more lists to ignore, except these are in the diary, taunting me until I actually clean the bathroom. 3. I have learnt how to use photoshop for useful stuff, basic stuff, but I can do things using the dreaded photoshop now that I couldn’t even a few months ago.  I mean I can put pictures on a page and add text.  I can even add text to the picture if I want to be that daring.  Yay me! 4. I have learnt how to use a ton of photo apps on the phone/iPad.  I have since learnt to use them less. 5. Not so much learnt from …

Lots and lots of Pom Poms.

I have been making pom poms all week, it feels like it is all I have been doing all week (I have done other things, honest).  I still have a few to make and then I get to sew them together into a _____?  Can you guess?  It is a competition entry and I am totally making it up as I go along, so fingers crossed everyone please. What are you making?  Do tell.