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A Christmas Colouring Page.

Happy December!  Do you have your tree up? Outside lights? Mincepies in the oven? Or is it still a little early for all of that? I must admit that we wait until the first or even second weekend of December before decorating.  My son’s birthday is at the beginning of the month so we let him have his birthday before Christmas takes over his celebration! I am itching to get some mince pies made though and I need to get the Christmas cake baked this weekend. So before or during all of the Christmas decorating and planning I thought you might like a colouring sheet to relax for a few minutes with. Click here or on the above image for the printable sheet. Have fun colouring in my festive friend.  Feel free to share your finished sheets on Instagram and tag me @catseatdogsmakes. Happy Thursday!

Art Journal Pages. Season of Dreams week 3.

We are in the Season of Dreams in the Get Messy Art Journaling community and inspired by the wonderful Tanyalee of The Drawing Board, I created these two pages in my journals. I painted a watercolor wash over some vintage ‘onion skin paper’ which is very thin paper which is slightly wrinkly but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t completely crinkle when I added the wet paint. Using this paper I cut out circles and butterfly shapes which I layered over the base pages I had created. The top page has a loosely painted self portrait with watercolor splashes which I glued the shapes over. The bottom page is  butterflies glued and layered  along the bottom ‘escaping’ from the darkness of the black gesso. I used a fine black pen to make some outlines and doodles. I have some sheets of watercolor wash left to play with, so I wonder what I will do with them! Happy Friday x        

Cabins and Trees Colouring Sheet.

  I like to draw colouring pages and sometimes I like to colour them in and usually when I ‘colour’ them I grab my acrylic paints and use my fingers to add some colour to the page, then I might rip some of the page up and add it to my art journal. I am not your conventional colourer! I like to be loose with colour over a printed sheet, this one is partly finished and I painted with my brush and with my hands. If you would like to print and colour the sheet, please click on the image for a printable page. Don’t forget to share your colouring!  I am going to add my sheet to my art journal and see where that takes me. Happy colouring and Happy Wednesday x  

‘I Like’ Friday. The Coloring Book Edition.

My name is in print!  My artwork is also in print! I am so proud to have my coloring page in the new edition of The Coloring Studio by Stampington magazines. This is the second issue of the magazine (more a book actually!) and it is full of coloring sheets as well as tips for coloring and information in techniques as well as insights from the various artists featured. It is a beautiful magazine and I am so pleased to be part of this edition.  I picked up the first issue  because I was impressed with the illustrations to color in as well as the tips ideas which are not usually featured in a coloring book or magazine. So if you enjoy some coloring in, this is a lovely book to have, color and keep to admire. I hope you have a lovely weekend planned, we are heading on vacation to Cape Cod tomorrow, so we are all packing and trying to cram all kinds of goodness into our bags! Happy Friday x

‘I like’ Friday, a colouring sheet for you.

I recently drew and printed out some colouring in postcards to send to friends and family across the globe as a little happy mail with bonus colouring if they fancied it. What I hadn’t done, is colour one in myself.  I drew them and traced them and made sure all the lines were where they should be, but I never added any colour.  Until now that is. I decided that I would explore a few different ways to colour the same sheet. What do you like to colour with?  I know pencil crayons are a top choice, but I don’t like to colour with them as much as I like to draw with them. For the top two cards I used brush pens for the colour and I did some extra drawing and patterns on the yellow card with a Micron pen. Watercolour paints is maybe not the first choice for a coloring page, but these are post cards and printed on card-stock, so they put up with a layer of water colour just fine. …

A Christmas holiday coloring sheet. Star Mandala.

As we are hurtling towards the Christmas period at great speed with a glass in one hand and wrapping paper in the other, I thought you might enjoy a coloring sheet.  Feel free to print it off and grab your pens or paints or crayons or all of the above and relax for a few minutes and colour some lovely stars.  Click here to get the printable or on the above image. Here are a few ideas for your coloring- Make all the stars a different colour. Only colour or paint around the stars and leave them white. Start with dark colours and work your way out from the middle using lighter and lighter colours and create an ombre star mandala. Make a different pattern in each star. Join all the stars together with a line then colour them in. Print the sheet onto card stock, cut it up and make a puzzle from it. Print onto card stock, fold in half and give as a card (I did that, they are cute ‘coloring in’ …

Coloring Sheets for Adults (or anyone!)

Creativity is a marvelous thing in my opinion and I think we can all be creative in one way or another.  A very popular way of celebrating our personal creativity is a coloring book.  Now adults get their own, instead of shoving the kids out of the way and nicking their favorite pencils, we can officially have our own book and choose our own pencil case and fill it with abandon (or pens, whichever you prefer). I love to doodle and draw and I will often color in my own pictures, but I don’t color in official books.  Having said that there are lots of amazing coloring books to be had, featuring everything from patterns to seasonal pictures via mandalas and animal kingdoms. As I was doodling around and coloring in my sheets of drawings, I thought maybe you might like a coloring sheet to print off and get stuck in, right now!  Grab those pens/pencils/paints/crayons and print one of my coloring sheets.  I made two for you.  Just click on either image to get …