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Weekly Photos 24/52.








1. I planted a mixed seed pack from Seedgeeks in the Spring and they are growing very nicely.  This bright red poppy is a fabulous thing!

2. I keep spotting these pretty flowers when I am out walking the dog, there is a tree full along the trail and they are all over the ground under the tree.

3. When I take the dog for a walk at 7am to try and beat the heat, I always take my mug of tea with me.  On Friday when I had finished my drink, I gathered various natural bits and bobs.  Flowers, leaves, seed pods, bark and a small branch of bamboo!  Once I got home I laid it all out to take a photo or two and do some sketches and painting.  A productive morning was had.

4-7. At the weekend we visited our friends who lives out in the sticks and I enjoyed having a poke around in their garden.  The boys got to ride on the old tractor and we made a bonfire to roast hotdogs and make s’mores.

It is hot hot and hotter here in St Louis and showing no signs of clouds, rain or cool in the near future. Phew!

Happy Monday x





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