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Taking Stock. March 2015.

New Kettle

It is time to take stock and answer a few fun one word questions as posed by Pip at Meet me at Mikes.

Making : A crochet blanket, my first foray into crochet after my lesson with my friend’s Mum!
Cooking : Blueberry muffins for breakfast.
Drinking : Coffee with frothy milk.
Reading: The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion
Wanting: A thunderstorm – I like storms!
Looking: Outside to see if the sun is coming out today (before the possible storm!).
Playing: With letters and lettering.
Deciding: What to do today in the middle of Spring Break.
Wishing: There were a couple more hours in today.
Enjoying: My new crochet skills and hoping they get better.
Waiting: For my camera bag to arrive, so I can walk and snap.
Liking: The new scents I am using to make solid perfume, all beachy and summer.
Wondering: If anyone else will like the perfumes.
Loving: Having the kids at home this week and the lovely late mornings.
Pondering: What to have for dinner?
Considering: A trip to the zoo to see the penguins and puffins.
Buying: Japanese fabric to make a scarf or two.
Watching: ‘Big Hero 6’
Hoping: I can think of some inspiring quotes and words for the end of #GirlFifteenLetters.
Marvelling: At all the books I want to read.
Cringing: At spelling mistakes by grown-ups.
Needing: Shaving foam to do this marbling project.
Questioning: How to best keep my teen and pre teen occupied over the break from school.
Smelling: New lovely lip balms I have made.  I especially like ‘Chocolate and Blackberry’ flavor.
Wearing: Red Converse!
Following: Vans Warped Tour, to see which bands are coming to St Louis this year.
Noticing: That my daffodils smell so good
Knowing: That my crochet blanket is going to take a while.
Thinking: About things to draw and paint.
Admiring: Illustrators and letterers.
Sorting: Through clothes to keep for Spring/Summer and ditching the ones I don’t need/like/fit.
Getting: Excited for our summer holiday to Cape Cod.
Bookmarking: ‘Red’ magazine and ‘The Simple Things’ Magazine on my iPad.
Coveting: Pens and paints to fill sketchbooks.
Disliking: The price of decent pens and paints.
Opening: The new edition of Flow magazine.
Giggling: While watching kids movies over Spring break – ‘Night at the Museum’ and ‘Penguins of Madagascar’
Feeling: Like I need to get to the gym tomorrow for the first time this week…
Snacking: No snacks around, hurrah!
Wishing: I had a chocolate bar for a snack.
Helping: My youngest with drawing ideas.
Hearing: Teenage music rocking out all over the house.

Want to take some stock?  It is fun and only takes a few minutes, share in the comments if you like or write your own post and share that!  Here is the list –

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :


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I live in St Louis, MO, but I am originally from Lincoln, Great Britain. My family and I have lived in the Mid West for over 15 years now. My blog is where I blog and chat about all kinds of creative stuff.


  1. i had tea with a friend this week and we were talking about ‘the rosie project’ and how much we enjoyed it. i didn’t know there was a new book! how is it?

    funny too i just started crocheting again. are you loving it? i could never love knitting and i have tried so hard to.

    • The Rosie Effect is taking me longer to get into than The Rosie Project, but I am enjoying it now.
      My crochet skills are still pretty terrible, but I am enjoying it. I need my friend’s Mum with me so I can ask which loop to use next when I get stuck!! Sometimes I just don’t know which loop to stick the darn hook in…..

  2. my friend just messaged me… hey did i you know about the new rosie book! lol
    i think i will put that in the cue for my little book club. i’m thinking about a virtual club in conjunction with the live club…. although i’d much rather visit in person over your coconut & chip bread… would you be interested in the virtual club?

    i challenged myself to reading and trying out a new hooking pattern yesterday. i don’t really have the proper yarn or needle size but i thought just practice! well i tell you i was frustrated so i’d curse it but come back. i was not letting some string kick my ass.
    have you ever visited garnet studio?
    this is where i’m relearning my skills again. they have vids on each pattern.

    longest comment ever!

    • Oh yes, I would love to join an online bookclub. Great idea. I will go and check out Garnet studio too.

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