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Cape cod

We arrived in the gorgeous Cape Cod today and headed right to Trader Joes in Hyannis for supplies. Chips, dips and cereal bought we are off to the sea!

We have rented a cottage for two weeks of sea sand sun and cooler air with a hint of seawater.
The TV has no cable and we can’t figure out the local channels. Hurrah, no mindless TV brain sucking (of course we have Netflix on the iPad!!!).
Just drawing pads, and books (and the iPads, pods and phones…) for entertainment. I have high hopes, but we will see how it is going in a week!

Shopping done, UK edition of ‘OK’ magazine purchased (a month old, but I don’t know who these celebs are anyway!)
The cottage we have rented backs onto a conservation area which consists of mainly marshland and is full to the brim with birds and bunnies. Beyond that is the ocean.

It is chilly in the evenings and bug free (ish). I might even need a new long sleeve top, maybe a scarf, a bag, a skirt……..

I am looking for treasure while I am here – rocks with holes all the way through, heart shapes rocks and gorgeous shells on the beach.
Of course my yard sale radar is on and ready! You know how I like a yard sale.



I have found lots of these pretty golden shells on the beach. I don’t know what they are, do you? Bodhi has seen lots of horseshoe crab cast off shells which are all a bit gross to be honest! Horseshoe crabs are very cool but not so much the cast off shells or the dead ones.
I hope you don’t mind a couple of weeks of what is essentially holiday snaps, because that is what is going to be mainly what I will be blogging about while I am here.

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  1. Ann says

    Beautiful photos!
    We always called those shells mermaids toenails.

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