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Weekend Adventures

On Friday I spotted a little tiny ‘Moving Sale’ sign for Saturday morning.  I made a mental note  which are frankly not to be relied on, I work better with a note written on my hand!  I can’t remember anything, it all has to be written down somewhere…

On Saturday, I left a bit earlier so that I could pop into the sale on the way to bootcamp class.  I carry my weights in my backpack, so I grabbed my mat  and off I went to class, via the moving sale.

I saw some little glass and ceramic bowls which I like to use to sort beads into when I am choosing colours, the whole box was the deal, so I snagged that.  Then I saw some massive, clear, crystal cut,  acrylic beads in the bottom of a plant saucer, I asked if they were for sale and they were mine!

Off I went with my box of bowls and beads, yoga mat and 16lbs of weights!  Thankfully I only got a few awkward steps and my friend gathered me into her car and whisked me off to class.

When I got them home and washed them up, I made a ring from one of the smaller beads!  It is a gigantic ‘rock’!  A statement piece shall we say!  Super fun to wear though.

Another activity we did this weekend was snake hunting….yikes, I don’t think so, this one hunted us!!

We were walking through the woods minding our own business (see below for a pre-snake picture) and one of the boys stopped and pointed at the floor wildly.  I thought he had seen a turtle which is usually the most excitement we get out of the woods.

Not today, today we met this big dude.  The photo isn’t so clear because I was not getting any nearer thank you very much.  We actually turned around and went another way home to avoid actually having to walk past the snake!

I looked him up when we got home and I think he is a Black Rat Snake and non-venemous.  We were ignorant of this knowledge when we came across him, but even knowing he wasn’t going to sink killer venom into me, I am fairly sure we would have made the detour anyway!

This is the biggest snake I have seen without a pane of glass between us, impressive compared to the garden snakes I see almost every day.


I hope you had a fab weekend with lots of adventures, but maybe less snakes than mine…


  1. That was an awesome find at the moving sale you went too. Eeeeks at the snake though, and I would have turned back too. I am so pleased we don’t have them here in NZ.

  2. AMAZING find at the yard sale. What a keen eye for spotting those treasures.
    Oh, and that last photo is just precious!

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