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A Beautiful Mess iPhone app is here!

This week saw the very exciting launch of the A Beautiful Mess iPhone app.  Emma and Elsie at ABM had been talking up the app for a few weeks, would it live up to the hype?  Yes, yes it does.

It is available internationally and costs 99c here in the US.

There is a great base of doodles and frames, texts and filters.  Not many filters, but there are so many filter apps available, I wasn’t too bothered about that.

I loved the doodles and borders options.  They have a ton of colour options too and if you layer them up, you can get some fab effects!


20130517-123730.jpg My Sindy doll helped me experiment with the A Beautiful Mess app!

In the top photo, she is sporting a vintage 1970’s original crocheted dress which I think my Mum made, the ukulele/guitar  is also vintage (from way back when I was a little girl).

I added various borders, adding layers and colours.  I love the effect of lots of the same layers, just moved slightly.

In the second photo she is in full summer mode in a strapless dress styled from a silk scarf discovered at a yard sale I treasure hunted at last week.  Read all about that here.

For the effects here, I used the flower doodles which you can just keep adding and changing colours.  For this photo, I added ‘Spotlight’ filter after I had finished with the doodles.

That scarf looks gorgeous as a dress, I want to wear it as a long long dress too.


This last photo is actually the one I started with, and I added lots of the flower doodles, changed the sizes and postitions.  When I had added the doodles, I put on the ‘Poppy’ filter.

Do you have this app?  Do you love it?  Any phone app recommendations?  You know I am addicted, please share!!

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