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Ten on the 10th

I am so happy it isn’t raining today for ten on the 10th photos. I was beginning to think it was going to be rainy on the 10th of every month!  So in the monthly tradition of taking ten photos on the 10th day, here are ten photos.  All taken on the iPhone 4.


I literally stopped and turned around to get a photo of this dew soaked leaf.



A flower spotted on the way into the Y this morning.



Bags all ready for the Mother’s Day Plant sale at school.  The kids all get a plant to give to their Mama and the opportunity to buy plants and hanging baskets.



We pass this Lilac bush every day and it smells divine! Look at all those teeny tiny flowers.  Beautiful.


I was taking a photo for my daily prompt and accidently got my feet and quite liked it!  The effects are provided by Hipstamatic.  New Saltwater sandals!  Love ’em, super comfy.



‘Stars’  was the ‘photo of the day’.  These are some new earrings I made.



I popped into Eye Candy Boutique for a chat and a visit and came out with a fab new skirt.  It is super long and there are ties on the inside to pull the hem up slightly.  It is a perfect summer skirt.


Pulling the hanging baskets and flowers home in the wagon.


Oliver the cat checking out the plants on the walk home.




Flowers in the wagon.

Now I need some potting compost to plant out my new flowers!  It did try to rain today, but we managed to dodge the raindrops.

What did you do today?  Hope you had fun!



  1. dazzlingdezignz says

    Great shots! Especially the feet one! LOL! I’ve gotta get myself that iphone.

  2. dazzlingdezignz says

    Reblogged this on modern vintage keepsakes and commented:
    Check out these lovely photos taken by catseatdogs… and with just an iphone! I’ve gotta get myself one of those!

  3. Lovely photos, I like your ten on the 10th 🙂
    The mums who get those plants on Mother’s Day are going to love them!

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  5. Ann says

    Great photos! Love your earrings, and leaf and sandals! Love that you do errands with your wagon! Happy Mother’s Day!

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