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MoBot on the iPhone.

It has rained nearly all weekend with gaps of grey, so it is a joy to post these photos I took of the Missouri Botanical Gardens from a 6th grade field trip I went on last week.

Wouldn’t you like a bee hive or three in your back garden?

I like the metal deer in the Home Gardening Centre.  At least he won’t eat all of your veggies!

These wind chimes are very impressive, I think there should be a field full of them!

The sun was out and it was a pretty hot day and the flowers were all blooming and looking gorgeous.

We had a good explore and discovered herbs, Chinese inscriptions and lizards!

I took all of the photos on my iPhone4 and added some filters and cropping using Camera+,  Laminar Express and Afterlight apps.

Let me know what apps you use in the comments department.  Do you use the same ones or are you an experimenter?

In the Climatron we found this very cool green lizard and of course some Chihuly glass installations nestled in with the exotic plants.

I take a photo of the Chihuly yellow sunray glass over the gates every time I visit the gardens.  I just can’t help myself, it is so beautiful.   This time I jazzed it up with a touch of Bokeh, which I rarely use, but I like it with the yellow and the sky in this shot.



  1. dazzlingdezignz says

    Wow! These are great photos! I especially love the last one! And the lizard is so cute, my son would love that!

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