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Let’s make jewelry

When I am having a blergh day, I often pull out my beads and make something, anything to get me out of my fug. Allergies have knocked me sideways this week and I feel like laying down and staying there most of the time. Which is frankly inconvenient. So onwards I must go, via the beads. Here they are.

I want to make a necklace with this.


And a necklace with these.


And a wire hoop or heart with these.


Let’s go and make stuff!

First, let’s check the peas growing in the garden.  Distracted?  Moi?  Little bit.  The sun was shining yesterday and the peas were popping out all over the place.  We decided to leave them to grow a little bit more before grabbing a few to eat.  Hopefully the bunnies will leave them alone.

This first picture is the big fat garlic growing nicely.  Hopefully the bulbs look as good as the leaves and stalks.  Can’t wait to dig them up in June and roast our very own garlic.


Here are the snow peas climbing in a rather haphazard way up the bamboo.  I keep encouraging them upwards with some string ties every so often.


Back on track, I pulled out the wire and decided to do some writing!  Here is ‘love’ in antiqued bronze wire on a leather cord.


Then I got all snazzy and wrote my name!  In case I forget….



The red bead went solo onto some wire and Greek leather.

I threaded 5 wood beads onto some lovely Greek leather and made a knot at each end to keep them in the right place.

I don’t always like to have a fastener on leather, I like to tie it so that I get the length I want.  Do you like to have a clasp, or are you more a throw it on a cord and tie it around your neck kinda gal/guy?  I have been known to find a shell or a beach pebble with a hole and chuck it on a leather cord and wear it around my neck or wrist.


I haven’t forgotten about the wire and orange selection, I have started a pendant in the shape of a crown, but I got distracted (I know, shocking) by writing random words with wire.  It is in progress and I will show you when it is done.  I love the idea of a wire and bead crown, and I am loving making this one.

If you want to see the other jewelry I make and sell, check out my Facebook page Catseatdogs and my Etsy shop.

What do you like to make?  Are you growing anything?  Do tell.

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