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iPhone filters on a Dandelion (roar) Clock.

I found some cool Dandelion clocks while out and about last week, so I snapped a couple of pictures.  In fact I snapped loads and only got a few decent ones, they are tricky little monkeys to get to stay still.   I popped on some different filters to see how they looked.

I thought I would share my results.  All of the filters and effects were added in Camera+ on the iPhone 4.

These are the starting photos, no filter, no crops.



I put this on into Camera+ and cropped it down and added clarity


Crop, clarity, depth of field.  


Crop and Polarise


Crop, Clarity and Ansel.


As part of a course I am doing by the lovely Jessica Van Den called ‘Set up Shop‘ I have to ‘play’ as part of one of the lessons,  and I intend to!  I might pull out my pens and a pretty notebook and have a little draw.

I recently was introduced to the work of Kate Bingaman-Burt this week by Gathered digital magazine and have bought her book ‘Obsessive Consumption’.  It is full of wonderful illustrations from her daily purchase drawing project – drawing one thing she bought each day.

Alas I have no amazing art to show you (not mine anyway).  I might throw a couple of sketchy sketches on here – oh, got to do them first.

What do you do to help the creative process?  Do you stick with what you know you can do, or do you go all out and try a new idea – oil paints?  crochet?  weaving?

Or sometimes I will just take the dog for a walk or go for a run plugged into my playlist.

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  1. Oh I like the camera+ and cropped it down and added clarity & the Crop and Polarise. I just love dandelions. For me when I play I go back to paper and make cards and on the odd occasion scrapbook.

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