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Ten on the 10th April 2013

It’s the 10th of April which means it’s going to rain as this is a new rule of Ten on the 10th 2013 apparently.   It has rained on every single 10th this year.  In fairness to the weather, it rained this morning and has stopped now although it is due to rain later.  It also means that I get to take and share ten photos.

All of the photos have been taken with my Canon Rebel except the turtle which I snapped with the iPhone.  Messing about was done in Photoshop and Camera+.

I took ten photos of the gorgeous tree blossoms on our street in between rain downpours this morning.  The blossoms are so pretty and very short lived.  They will be gone and the trees will be leafy by next week.  I have a love/hate with the blossoms as they are so pretty and photo worthy, but they make me sneeze like a crazy sneezing person!


blogapril102One of the Daffodils peeking up in our garden.


This tree looks like it is a fluffy cloud, it is so full of flowers.  Look at that sky!  Rain is a’coming.


This is my favourite tree at this time of year.  It is outside my neighbour’s house and the little bright pink buds are a joy.



My sneezy enemy.  These flowers are so pretty, smell really bad (I am sure flowers are not allowed to smell bad, but these do!)  and they make me sneeze lots and lots.



Gorgeous bluebells.


These helicoper style blossoms make this tree look as though the branches may take off into the sky!


We spotted this little fella in the woods on the way to school this morning.  Stopped for a chat and a photo.  He was very friendly.  Look at his little head peeking out!

Do you carry your phone or camera with you all the time, in case of photo opps?  I do and I often get an unexpected photo because of it!


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  1. Ann says

    Amazing pictures! Love them all! Makes me want to get out for a long walk!

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