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Sunshine, Peas, Cookies and Coffee!

Yesterday was a tired, get nothing done kind of day. A day where I almost put a dirty glass in the freezer to wash it.  I am sure I will find the butter in the cupboard and the Marmite in the fridge!!  You know the kind of day. A pretty useless one.

Today however is a different day altogether. I am feeling good, the sun is shining so I am wearing these


I did a great class at the gym where I could hardly drink my water and breathe at the same time.  Lots of running, jumping and breathing. In my book that’s a good one!  The down side is walking to Michael’s and Whole Foods glowing red in the face!

I  bought this massive crochet hook which is the size of a baseball bat and the brand ‘Crochet Dude’ cracked me up!!  Now I can embark on my maiden crochet project voyage – a nice chunky cowl scraf thingy.  Don’t worry that summer is hurtling towards us, it will probably take me until November to finish!


First though I am going to have a big cup of this.  Frothy milk and everything!


Then I am going to plant these.  Snap peas, snow peas and parsley, yum yum!


This afternoon I want to make cookies with these.  I am thinking little cherry, white chocolate chip cookies.  Yes, this is exactly why I do classes at the gym, so I can make and scoff homemade yummies!


I need to finish this to see if it works.  A new bracelet, multi strand but no wrapping, I love the casual denim colour mix of the beads too.


Amid all of this ambition I have to work on my course ‘Set Up Shop’ headed by the lovely Jess at Create and Thrive.  It is going to make my Etsy store all fancy and efficient, and I am working hard!

What are you doing today?  I hope the sun is shining on you!  Let me know in the comments, are you having a crazy day or a lazy day?  Either way, make it a great day!

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