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Speeding Hippos and Sunshine

Whenever I go to the zoo I come over all Johnny Morris in ‘Animal Magic’ (a show I watched when I was a kid in England where the narrator gave voices to the animals in the zoo… had to be there..).

It is all I can do not to put on a silly voice and start to pretend to converse like I am the voice of the animal we are visiting. Actually I really do that, out loud, quite regularly.  I mean, if the hippos don’t positively cry out for a funny voice over, I don’t know what does!

The seals were having a good old show off, demonstrating their swimming on their backs at high speed skills! Followed by twirling around,  nose down in the water. Impressive stuff.

We really really wanted to see the hippos,  who can be very illusive.  Sometimes they are out and about and sometimes they are nowhere to be seen, just leaving their fishy friends to entertain us.  Yesterday there were fish and hippos a-plenty! The hippo I photo’ed had just leapt into the water and swan right across the front of the tank, pretty nippy for a giant animal.

 It is pretty hard to get photos of the animals in the water without getting weird and wonderful reflections.  I got some reflections and some animals!

I made myself use my ‘proper’ camera instead of my iPhone to take these photos, and I am pleased I made the effort.  It was a lovely sunny day with a fabulous blue sky and the animals came out to greet us!


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