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First Birthday Today!

I have had this blog for a whole one year.  A whole entire year, keeping at it through the struggles (mainly technical) and the joys (everytime I get a like or a comment, I give a little joyful squeak!).   It has been a very fulfilling year and I have loved working on this blog and improving and building on it.


When I started I was flapping around like a fish out of it’s bowl.  Looking back at the castle and weed inside with the water and me outside wondering how to get in.  Gradually I began to swim about again and get to know my castle and the weeds surrounding it.  My fish water has become clearer and clearer in my bloggy fishbowl.

I have to thank Pip Lincolne’s JustB blog school and  my fellow students for really boosting me along with the blog.   Sarah at Home to Roost and Lou at Make Do Sew have been constant companions and we all encourage each other with every step. When I first saw Home to Roost, I just thought, I need that and that and that on my blog, then I set about finding out how to get the buttons and layouts I wanted.  I also recently wrote a guest post for Make Do Sew which was an amazing learning experience.  Thanks ladies!

I am still terrible at the technical side of it all, but I now know at least what I want to do,  I pop over to enter my question into the Google all knowing guru and usually between WordPress and Google, I find what I need.  Then I just have to implement the usually confusing instructions onto the blog and cross fingers and toes in the hope that all of the gobbledegook I have just entered in the name of code has worked.  If it does I do a little happy dance and if it doesn’t I have a little swear, then try again!

So, what has changed in the past year, what were we up to a whole 12 months ago?  Did we expect to be here?  Are you where you expected?  Are you where you want to be?  I hope so!  Do tell – leave a comment and I will do another little happy dance!


A year ago in my world, I was starting to write this blog called ‘catseatdogsmakesandbakes’ and wondering why I had picked such a long name!  I wanted to keep ‘catseatdogs‘ as that is my jewelry business name, so I added the makes and bakes, so that I could babble on about making stuff and baking stuff too!

March 19th 2012, it was Spring break and we had just seen ‘The Lorax’ at the cinema and the weather was sunny and 80 degrees. A hot Spring in contrast to this week which is struggling into the 40’s!  We had a family of House Finches building a nest in one of the lanterns on the porch and the daffodils were blooming.


Over the year I have been enjoying writing the blog and taking endless photos for the ‘photo a day’ challenge and just because I can’t stop taking photos!  I have been making and designing lots of new jewels and showing them off on here and in my Etsy shop.

What is to come in the next year of this blog escapade I wonder?

I hope to continue and improve my writing and picture taking.  Lots more posts, some regulars like ‘Ten on the Tenth’ and the Photo a Day’ monthly round up, and some new topics like ‘vintage postcard hunting and investigating’,  ‘Sindy dolls and toys from my childhood’ (I still have my Sindy and her limited wardrobe of 1970’s fabulousness).  I can only imagine how much fun taking photos of Sindy in her outfits will be!

Here’s to another year of blogging fun – cheers!


  1. Happy Blog Birthday & thanks for popping by Knitandpurlgarden. I really like the Cats eat Dogs title although I think it would be the other way round in our house! 😉 Great to hear how your blog has progressed through the year. I’m learning new things everyday at the moment… I wonder what my blog will look like in 1 years time… Fab idea about taking photos of Cindy & her outfits. I love taking photos too but sadly I cut all of my Cindy’s hair off when I was a child! 😦 I later sourced another one from EBay for my daughter though. Check out this cakes & bakes cookbook : the lady uses Cindy in her photos : I love it!

    Claire x

  2. Wooooo hoooo, congratulations! You must be feeling very proud. Get your dancing shoes on, you’re sure to get loads of comments for this happy mile stone. Thanks for the lovely mentions too xxx

  3. Happy anniversary! Just realised mines coming up in a couple of weeks too. Crazy. I’ve learnt so much from blog school as well! Looking forward to reading your future posts (can’t believe I wasn’t following earlier, woops!) x

  4. Congrats!!! 🙂 I’m into my second year of blogging and will be attending AltNYC, just like you are I believe! I only a week ago dived into the world of a self hosted wordpress site. YIKES! talk about scary! loved the post! keep it up!

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