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We’re all going on a Summer holiday

This week’s list for #52lists is ‘Favourite things for Breakfast’. I thought this would be a hard one as I don’t usually want anything to eat as soon as I get up. Normally I go to the gym after dropping the boys at school, so I wait until after that for brekkie.

I do love to make banana, choc chip, cinnamon and peanut butter bread, it is so easy and it uses frozen bananas very well, it keeps well, so it is a great breakfast treat rather than a staple.

I have only just found a recipe I like for Granola so I am going to stick to it for now. I made another this weekend, but it wasn’t as good as this one. Granola is more of a regular breakfast food than cake – honest!

Favourite things for breakfast list.


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We have booked a summer vacation and it is super exciting! We are heading for two weeks in Cape Cod over the summer and Bodhi packed his clothes last night. He was hunting high and low for a spare backpack which is now stuffed with cars, planes and mini army guys! I am not sure how we are going to take the nets…


We are heading back to Chatham in the middle of the Cape, to stay in the same cottage we visited two years ago when we made our first trip over.

I am really looking forward to going back especially as it is for a longer time (we went for a week in 2011). It will be nice to know the area a little better and know where we want to go and of course where we don’t need to go again!

I want to check out some cranberry bogs! Yes, I want a tour, I love the bogs, they are fascinating. Farming, but in a bog and cranberries cranberries and more cranberries. Weird? Moi? Never!

I want to go for long walks on the beach in the early morning – ha, we all know that will never happen, but you never know and I might even go for a little run for good measure! My running shoes will be packed…

One of the many things I love about the Cape is that it is my kind of summer weather – not too hot but still sunny and with interesting beaches and plenty to do. I am not a sit on the beach reading my book and frying my skin kind of girl. I lack attention, so I need to have something to do. Searching for shells and rocks fits the bill perfectly, so I am the one who brings half the beach back – shells, rocks (preferably with a hole right through) and sand in all nooks and crannies. Sand which jiggles out of your shoes for the next few weeks whenever you wear them!

Are you planning a vacation this year, do you visit the same place more than once? Or do you like to go to different places each time?

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