Phonography, Ten on the tenth
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March ten on the tenth.

Raining again for ten on the tenth,  I can’t believe that it has rained on the 10th of each month this year.  I wonder if it will rain on the 10th of every month?  We shall see

I am taking all of the photos today on my iPhone 4S and cropping and adding clarity to each in the Camera+ app. I will be consistent in each photo and see which works best by number ten.

Today  is Mothering Sunday in the UK, so happy Mother’s Day to all you Mamas!

Oh look, it’s raining.  The Rosemary is having a lovely time in the rain.

My new read ‘Astrid and Veronika’ by Linda Olsson. As recommended by Pip at Meet me at Mikes.  It is called ‘Let me Sing you Gentle Songs’ in Australia.  I love the cover, which is exactly how I choose books to read!  That and recommendations of course.  What are you reading?  Got a recommendation or a book with a great cover to share?

One of the trees in our back garden looking very green in the rain.

Lots of reading today as Bodhi is sick and it is still raining.

Heart made for me by Bodhi for Mother’s Day!

Carrot, kale and garlic ready to be chopped and roasted for soup.

In the roasting pan,  ready to be soup!

Choc chip sour cream coffee cake about to be baked (yes at the same time as the veggies!)

All cooked and yum scrum!  Here is the recipe from Smitten Kitchen and I highly recommend it.   Smitten Kitchen is a wonderful blog and I love the book too.  My neighbour brought us some cake over last week and I asked for the recipe and here it is.  Magnificent!


And lastly, the rain stopped and the sun popped out to say Hello around 6.30pm.

I think all of the photos worked with the addition of ‘clarity’.  I think my favourite is the tree in the rain, the added ‘clarity’ really makes the green stand out.  The photo I would have left ‘clarity’ off would have been the heart.  This little beauty needed nothing!

Have a great week and happy Monday for tomorrow!  Don’t forget to recommend some books for me.

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