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Hearts, Owls and Clouds.


I thought today was going to be a non starter. I didn’t go to the gym this morning as I usually do. I had big plans to use the extra time wisely and get a feeling of work well done by 11am. When I got home from school, I wasn’t feeling it, I almost wished I had just gone to the YMCA and done a class to get me started.

I thought it would be a treat not to go, but at 8am, I was feeling a little lost. You know, the rabbit in headlights feeling, what to do, where, how? A bit like when I get to the Y and my locker is being used by someone else, a momentary and mild panic, something is wrong, all is not as it should be. It techically isn’t ‘my’ locker of course, just the one I usually use. If I use another, heck, I might not find my non gym clothes, and I have a strict rule about wearing gym clothes outside said gym.  I don’t.

Routine is hard to break and maybe it should be easier.  I like routine, I am not a big suprise person.  I don’t like being surprised by other people’s clothes in ‘my’ locker, I like to be in the same spot whichever class I attend at the Y, I like frothy milk with my coffee (imagine the panic when my frother broke last month!).

Are you better with a routine or do you fly with the wind?  I wish I was more of a flyer, but when I try, it usually doesn’t go well!  I need a plan and a map preferably.

Thankfully the day got onto it’s tracks and off I went after I had got over my rabbit feeling. Coffee on, homemade rosemary syrup in mug, milk frothed and off we go.


I started with the clouds, the stuff I don’t want to do, but have to.  There is a grey boring cloud over my head. It is my old friend taxes. Out came all my adding up equipment along with the relevant forms, and the filling in was done. Yes, I know I need to get them on the computer, maybe this year I will!  I surrounded myself with paper and a calculator and got down to it.

All done now! Bye bye cloud number one.


Onto another cloud. While I am chasing them away, I might as well carry on.

I am opening a new online store powered by Meylah and Handmadeology.   I am at the starting it up stage at the minute.   Biography – check.  Policies – check. Making the darn banner – check (eventually I realized I could resize my Etsy banner to fit).  I am giving myself plenty of time to do it so I don’t have a little panic and give the whole thing up.

Off I go outside to my photography studio (on the sandbox) and take lots of new photos of jewelry ready to put in my new shop!  Cyberspace shelves are dusted and ready to receive.

My Handmadeology Marketplace shop is now open and being stocked up, have a look, see what you think.  I am not mad about the layout, but maybe that is because I am used to Etsy.  I am willing to give it a go and see where it takes me though.


These wonderous little owlys came in the mail today from The Beadin’ Path.  I can’t wait to use them in some Spring/Summer jewels.

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