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Ten on Sunday the 10th. February 2013

It is raining today, but getting 10 photos shouldn’t be a problem.

This morning started off with a big thunderstorm and lots of rain.


I found about 10 pairs of 3D glasses in the drawer, so Bodhi decided to put as many on as would stay!


‘Snack packs’ of Custard Cremes with a cup of tea.


My first cookery book ‘My learn to Cook Book’ circa nineteen seventy something. I love the illustrations and 1970’s ingredients like cochineal! Yum, beetles…

I remembers making lots of recipes from this book with the cooking cat and dog. A Knicker-bocker Glory was a birthday must.


New gym togs is always motivation. I can’t wait for step class tomorrow!


A montage for a guest post I wrote today. Link to the post coming this week! Very exciting and quite an honor being allowed to write for someone else’s blog.


The boys of the house watched the rugby this morning. When it had stopped raining they went out to play. They came back a bit muddy.

Batman looks a bit cross to be sitting on a Dinky toy truck!

Grapefruit and olive oil pound cake. The recipe is from the Smitten Kitchen book. I have to say that this is the lightest pound cake I have made and I think it would work well with lemon or orange as the citrus element.


Monday tomorrow, have a great week!

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