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I want a friend with a cafe and other pressing needs.

As I was reading Meet Me at Mikes by Pip Lincolne, and how Pip was helping her friend out who owns a cafe, I had a huge joyful feeling that I want to be involved with a cafe. I don’t have aspirations to own one, but I would love to be able to help someone with one, not even work for them, just help out as and when.  I can help with recipe ideas and I am a very excellent taste tester.  I can carry, waitress, wash, dry.  Also decorate, paint and choose the music.
This came as a very strong feeling and a positive one.  Isn’t it strange how a feeling can overtake you for a moment.  I like it.
Now, who do I know who owns or wants to own a cafe?!


Maybe we serve these hot chocolates?  

I also want to make a random bead necklace for my friend. Sounds easy?   Of course, grab a handful of beads from my various jars and bowls.  No.  I don’t do random very well, after a few seconds my little designing brain starts to yell in despair that I am not matching or even trying to be symmetrical. Not even a little bit. My fabulous friend has helped me start by picking some randoms from my bead jars. I just have to join the dots and beads then hang them on  something wearable and gorgeous.  Hope I manage to stay random. I will most likely give into symmetry just for comfort and who wants to look lopsided because one half of your neckware is heavier than the other!


So these are the randoms, I know I have made the colours all like each other. I draw the line at fighting colours. GI Joe’s head is just there because we like him.


The selection without the handsome head.

I have started another project. Yay. This is #52lists and instigated by Pip at Meet me at Mikes. I am a month late, so I will either do a few extra or just be 48 lists!  Here is a shopping list for your pleasure.  Even written in the order of the store!  Do you do that?  Makes is easier to get everything, less stuff forgotten if the list follows the shelves. When I say this, I  don’t have a map of the store to follow, but I do get cross when they move stuff around and my list is all awry.


Do you plan your meals?  While we are on the subject of shopping lists.   I plan meals and write the list surrounded by my current favourite recipe books and magazines.  Ones I am eating from at the minute are The Family Dinner by Laurie Davis, What Katie Ate by Katie Quinn Davies and The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook by Tom Douglas and Shelley Lance.  These and of course Pinterest.  I love my Pinterest boards.  Do you Pin?  Show me your boards and I will show you mine!!


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