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Art Dharling

A trip out with friends is always a joy, just us, no kids. We went to Laumeier Sculpture Park not far from us in St Louis.
There are lots of great places to visit here and most are free, Laumeier is one of them.

The sculptures are all striking and the place was empty, so I got lots of snaps with no extra people in them!

The day started cloudy and of course I have to take a ton of photos and I prefer a blue sky.  Never fear,  as we got there,  the sun came out and I couldn’t have asked for a prettier sky.  A chilly day with a magnificent blue sky, just what I like!  I prefer the cold to the heat, a scarf in the winter sunshine is ideal.  St Louis summers are a hot humid sweaty affair which I would like to avoid.  At least the houseplants like the summer on the porch I suppose.

Do you like day trips?  Where do you go?  Any recommendations?  Do you prefer Summer or Winter?


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