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Ten on the 10th. January 2013

I didn’t think I had a snowball’s chance of getting 10 photos today, unless you fancied a wonderland view of rain, damp, then fog and back to rain, then dark.
Fear not! I started off with stuff I am reading and stuff I am making, I snapped the melting giant snowball in the back garden and off I went on a photo extravaganza! Here are January’s ten on the 10th.

The last of the snow, in a convenient ball.

Itsy Bitsy wire hearts all going to grow into earrings. In a vintage Ponds cream jar we found in the woods last year. Check out my Etsy store for the finished product.

Bodhi and I are reading ‘Mr Stink’ and I love it as much as he does! I am listening to ‘State of Wonder’ by Ann Pratchett at the minute, ‘The End of your Life Bookclub’ is jostling for next in line with ‘Grace’ by Grace Coddington. I’m reading ‘Mr Penumbra’s 24 hour bookstore’ and enjoying it no end. Good stuff.

My Instagram prints stored in a pretty vintage cup which cost me 50p from an antique shop in Horncastle, England. I got the photos printed at Printstagram and was very happy with the prints and service, they make lovely little note cards. I am having trouble parting with them though!

New beads to play with! I got these beauties in the mail this week and I am going to paint some and keep some natural wood. Then I can wear them and so can you!

Fitness goals are something I usually mock, but if this does what it says on the can, I am in! I should be a tyre less in the mid section in about a month… Nothing like blog pressure to make you do something. I need to buy some weights, so hang on and I will be reporting back. I know there are weights at the Y, but if you think I am performing these ridiculous moves in public, then you are mistaken, but perform them I shall.

Today’s ‘photo a day’ was ‘1 o clock’, so I snapped lunch – left over baked potato soup and a defrosted bagel made into garlic rosemary chips. Yes that is a bowl of beetroot, I love it and I will eat it with any-damn-thing!

Short hair? I might. My hair is technically short, but while I have enjoyed the longer fringe it is now getting on my bloody nerves. Time to get chopped! Maybe

Just goes to show that even though it has been a crappy rainy damp day, ending with a serving of fog, there is always something lovely. This leaf was just lounging on the bare branch and after a few attempts I got the leaf in focus instead of the surroundings!

Brollies and rosemary, both been used today. Umbrella to keep me safe from water falling from the grey skies and the rosemary seemed to go in everything I cooked today! It was in the bagel chips I made at lunch and I tucked some in with the sausages we had for dinner.

Not a bad ten on the 10th after all!

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