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2012 in review.

This was so hard, choosing one, single photo per month to cover 2012.  I love the ones I have found and remembered all the great stuff we did through the year.  Thank goodness for the daily diary I keep, otherwise I would never had remembered half the  dates and events.  It has also made me realise how time zips by!  I am taking part in my first link-up ever and it is with Farewell Stranger which I came across as I was reading Writing Wishing blog.


January starts top left and the months follow downwards.  I made a collage of the photos and I like to see them together like this.

January we found these wicker huts in Clayton.  They are still there and I still don’t know why.  Are they art?  Does someone live there? Or are they just because?  Jan 4th-update-the huts are called Double or Nothing and are by an artist called Patrick Dougherty who makes these wicker installations all over the world.  Thanks to Pip Lincolne of Meet Me At Mikes for the info!

February brings Valentines day and I made some beaded hearts for my catseatdogs Etsy shop.

March‘s photo was a suprise to be honest.  As I was looking through, I thought these sunny blue skies with beautiful new flowers on the trees were in the wrong month.  It gets nice and warm here in March though, 70 degree days, lovely spring weather.  I remember taking these photos as I was so struck by the flowers on the trees on our street against the blue sky with a fluffy cloud or two.

April brought a massive hail storm.  We hid in the basement and when we ventured out, the hail was big and fascinating.  It wasn’t baseball size, more like ping pong ball, but it was the radiating patterns of them which was amazing.

May I went to downtown St Louis to see the Andy Warhol postcards exhibition and snapped this car park sign.  I love it’s colours, straight out of the kitsch department of the 1950’s!

June  The Lantern Festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens was beautiful.  We saw it on a sunny blue sky day and the colours were amazing.

July We spent the summer in England with family, it was cool and rainy and we had a great time.  This picture is Lincoln Cathedral in all of it’s glory.

August We were only in the UK for the beginning of August, but a Brighton visit is always a highlight.  The old pier in it’s skeletal state makes my heart a little sad.  Against the blue sea and sky it is still a wonder.  I like the cheeky little seagull on the beach too!

September  The Forest Park Balloon Race.  I just pointed my phone at the sky as the geese flew over and I caught some balloons in the picture with the birds.  I added a little Camera + magic to this one.

October School trip to the local pumpkin patch.  Blue sky and orange Halloween – ness.  Perfect!

November We went in the wrong direction on the way to a National Park,  and came across a tiny airport with a museum.  This little fella was for sale, but we resisted!

December A very cool antique store in downtown St Louis is one of our favourite places to go and explore.  It really is an adventure as half of the treasure is outside and they have a racoon who regularly visits called Lucy!  I managed to leave this lady behind, but she is a lovely decorative bell.  The ideal Mrs Claus I think!


  1. What amazing photos! Isn’t it nice to be able to look back at the year and remember these things? Glad you found the link-up and joined in!

  2. Such a great way to document the year. They all look great together. Hope you have a good 2013.

  3. This is a lovely post, Clare. I especially agree with you about how sad and woebegone the old pier on Brighton Beach looks. I’ve got a similar blogpost to write up (I’ve already chosen the images) so I need to pull my finger out before 2013 is much older! x

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