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Brain melt and ten on the 10th. December 2012

What a strange day today has been. Too grey to tell what time it is, felt like 4pm all day. Cold to the bone cold, cold legs through jeans, make your eyes run and cheeks freeze cold.
A lots to do and nothing done day, my list remains complete with no crossings out. I have done lots I needed to but also not done lots I wanted to.
I found a present bought about September, for Christmas. A bargain of bargains. And forgotten. I nearly bought another one!  Maybe being organised for Christmas early is not such a good idea for me!                                                                                                                         I did manage to take ten photos on the 10th though!


YMCA for spin class this morning, my lovely purple locker.  They are all purple, I have no special colour privileges.

Walk home through the park, still a cold gloomy day.


The almost missing Christmas present.  My eldest was going on and on about it being half price way back, so I thought I would get it and keep it for Christmas.  Great idea, but only if remembered.  I was so close to buying another – at full price, as this is top of the Santa list!  Thank goodness for flashes of memory recall.

Cards by the fabulous Lirio, traded for jewels!  Business going down at the Y this morning.

To the Middle School to deliver ‘Reindeer Run’ registration forms for the 5k or mile run on Saturday morning.


I have had my photography eye on these roses for a while, so today I snapped them. Love how the colours have come out  and no messing about with these, this is the actual photo with no app action!

Cabbage plant in our garden with an ice droplet.

This building is doomed to the dumpster tomorrow. Pretty cool place I think. Used to be a gas station in the olden days and then a print shop and soon a pile of rubble.  In it’s place,  a new generic box building with an insurance agent inside. It does look knackered but it is also a bit of the history of Brentwood. Knock old places down or keep?  They seem very bulldozer happy over here.

I snuck this photo in if the building a couple of months ago, not exactly it’s heyday, but not bad in a vintage kind of way!  Not part of ‘ten on the 10’, so I will carry on with that now.

Finally on December’s ‘ten on the 10th’ presentation….racing up a hill!

Oh wait, there’s more! Bodhi took 10 photos in 10 minutes, I know, you can take a theme too far…
10 in 10 minutes!  He took the phone for the walk home from school which takes about 10 minutes and here is his take.
I could only get 9 in the frame, so here is his masterpiece created by putting his finger over the lens and removing it as he took the photo.

White!  Is there a photo?  Yes there is.  Should I have framed it?  Maybe.  Is it art……?

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