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Eat curry, hunt treasure.


This weekend was my birthday weekend as we wouldn’t all be here on my actual birthday to have cake and gasp at present opening!

We went to House of India for a curry buffet extravaganza lunch. Bodhi ate his body weight in chicken Tikka Masala and I just wanted to eat the rice pudding, but tried to be an adult and had some actual food first.

Onto Barnes and Noble to pick up a woefully old, Mollie Makes magazine,  out of date because it is a UK publication and I assume it takes ages for it to flap those magaziney pages over here. Not to worry though, there are no horoscopes to go out of date, no celeb gossip to age, just lovely crafty stuff for me to look at and plan to make. When I can knit and crochet effectively…..I can use a sewing machine and a needle and thread, so all is not lost!  I like the look of the itsy hedgehog on the cover, I can make him!


After Indian lunch, we went off to the Cherokee Street department of downtown St Louis to see what treasure hunting was to be had at Junque.  I hate the name of this place, I mean, a fancy spelling of ‘Junk’?  I don’t care much though as the place is a trove of, well,  junk or junque.

I wanted a handful or two of these little carnival fishies!   There was a box full of paper bags of wooden painted fish, only yellow and red though.   The Peter Pan tambourine was pretty nifty too.




I even found a Birthday cake!  How thoughtful…  Makes you wonder though, what was this for? and why? and who? and and and.


I loved this rings, some were by themselves and some were hanging on rusty old screws.  Apparently they are called ‘Awning Rings’ and were used as insulators.  Either way, I see a pendant!  They range in size from an inch across to about three inches across.  I decided on the smaller ones.  Washed them up and they are all shiny!


I think this lovely lady is carved from a coconut, she caught my eye straight away, so I had to get her photo.  Don’t think I would want her staring down at me from the book shelf though!

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